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BeforeSunset AI, an intelligent task management solution designed to assist you in organizing your day, synchronizing seamlessly with your team, and monitoring analytics for continuous productivity improvement. This AI-driven platform is tailored to enhance your efficiency over time, providing a comprehensive suite of features to streamline your daily tasks and collaborate effortlessly with your team.

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BeforeSunset AI Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What BeforeSunset AI Lifetime Deal Can Do?

BeforeSunset AI simplifies your task organization by enabling you to effortlessly transform your to-do list into scheduled calendar time blocks with just one click. This feature makes optimizing your daily schedule a breeze.

With BeforeSunset AI, you have the flexibility to assign priorities, durations, and categories to each task, guiding the AI-powered daily planning process according to your preferences and needs.

The platform offers two-way synchronization, eliminating concerns about scheduling conflicts. Now, you can confidently plan your writing session without the fear of it overriding an essential client meeting, ensuring a harmonized and conflict-free schedule.

How It BeforeSunset AI Lifetime Deal Work?

Express your support by reacting to updates with emojis, providing a positive boost to your teammates as they tackle important projects. The Team Feed is not just about work; it also keeps you in the loop about team birthdays, “Out of Office” notifications, and even allows you to share personal updates and daily moods.

However, if you prefer to maintain focus on your work without these additional features, you have the flexibility to opt out of using this optional Team Feed feature. Customize your experience to suit your preferences and stay productive during work hours while still enjoying the benefits of team connectivity

Unlock the power of proactive productivity with BeforeSunset AI. The flexibility goes beyond daily planning; you can seamlessly extend your organization efforts for the entire week by scheduling time blocks for upcoming tasks.

For those uncertain about task durations, simply add any task to a designated day’s agenda, ensuring it appears on your to-do list for that specific morning. 

This strategic planning approach empowers you to proactively chart the course for the entire week, providing a comprehensive overview and enabling you to maintain control over your productivity journey. BeforeSunset AI is not just a daily planner; it is your tool for strategic and efficient weeklong task management. Being a team lead comes with its benefits on BeforeSunset AI. Gain insights into your team’s productivity with daily and weekly analytics for project tasks, allowing you to track the overall progress and performance.

Empower your team members by enabling them to monitor their own achievements across personal and project tasks. This transparency fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility.

For an extra motivational boost, consider introducing a touch of friendly competition. Gamify productivity within the team by incorporating unlockable badges and achievements. Encourage your team to strive for their best, fostering a dynamic and engaging work environment on the journey towards collective success. With BeforeSunset AI, team leadership becomes a collaborative and motivating experience.

BeforeSunset AI simplifies the process of turning your to-do list into a well-organized and focused schedule with just a single click.


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15 member/user

1,000 AI assistant credits per member/user per month

1,000 AI assistant credits per member/user per month

1,000 AI assistant credits per member/user per month

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