Looking For Best Sports Fantasy Apps?

Hi, Users & Brands thanks for maintaining trust in us and helping during the tough times. We understand sports fantasy apps are a great of income and can lead to huge losses as well. So it is quite important to understand the concept of Sports Fantasy apps to earn the best possible profits. Not everyone can win every time, No matter how pro he/she is, It’s all about your selection fate, and luck.

How Does Sports Fantasy Apps Work?

In sports, be it Cricket, Football, Basketball, Hockey or other competition is held between 2 teams that normally includes 11-11 players or 7-7. So we have to create our own fantasy team by including the players of both teams. 22 Players play in a cricket match, We have to shortlist 11 players (Wk, Batsmen, Bowlers, All-rounder) by following certain criteria. Points are calculated on the basis of a player’s performance in the real match and whoever gets the highest points wins the money as per the terms & Conditions. There are various types of leagues, T&C varies from app to app. Winning a prize/amount depends on the types of leagues you join. You can withdraw the winning amount in your Bank/Paytm wallet. Points system varies in every app and it is very important to understand every sports fantasy app individually.


Who Can Or Cannot Join Sports Fantasy Apps?

There are certain terms & condition, Legalities that is to be kept in mind while signing up on every registered and trusted sports fantasy apps :

Requirements To Join

  • Must-Have Smartphone. (Android Preferred)
  • Must have Pan Card/ Bank account in your name
  • Your age must be 18+
  • Resident Of India

Who Cannot Join?

  • Age less than 18
  • Don’t have Pan Card or Bank Account.
  • Not a resident of India
  • Belongs to banned states: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland

How To Maximise Profits & Earnings?

There are very basic things to keep in mind to earn more and more money and invest smartly to get better profits and results.

  1. If you’re a starter, Do not overinvest. Play some few free leagues, Understand the point system of the respective app, and Invest small than the increase at a constant speed.
  2. Update the KYC as soon as possible so that you don’t need to wait to withdraw your winning threshold.
  3. Always keep some percentage of the winning amount aside otherwise you might end up investing the plain profits or end up losing everything.
  4. Do not join leagues for every match, Shortlist some upcoming matches and do some research about the player’s form, Conditions, Toss, Strengths, and weaknesses of the team.
  5. Join the league hours before the match start time and update the team after the toss, Most of the time your opponent will forget to update the team, and your chances increases.
  6. Stay connected with Telegram channels of respective apps, You will get tons of deposit offers, Free Entries, and Giveaways this will increase your profit.
  7. Try to research and create your own teams, Don’t rush for paid telegram channels for teams. It’s a luck-based game no one can give 100% results. You will not be able to understand if you copy teams from others.

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  • Communication with customer care.
  • Writing an email to customer care
  • Searching for customer care number
  • Scammed by Fraudsters.
  • Not getting replies from Companies.
  • Not knowing even basic English.

Responsibility -1 Awareness

There are many fraudsters, Scammers are looking for every opportunity to loot the users in the name of fake help. It is always important for the users to contact via official channels only.

Generally, the contact options are available inside the apps so contact via those options only. Do not search for contact numbers on google.

  • Do not search for contact numbers on google.
  • Do not give any kind of OTP to anyone.
  • Find contact options in the app only.
  • Not every app has contact numbers.
  • Mail the problem in Hindi/English.
  • Do not invest in unpopular sports fantasy apps.
  • DO not completely trust new sports fantasy apps.

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