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Since millions of fresh blog entries are posted on Google every day, you will need more than just a few keywords to obtain clicks. Unfortunately, it is nearly hard to create an SEO content plan on your own that continuously adjusts to the algorithmic changes.

Fortunately, there is an AI tool that can investigate keywords and understand the methods of competitors to create content that is optimized for you. Discover precise keyword data, create outlines that are flawlessly optimized, and release branded content in 80 languages.

Examine content that ranks highly to find the best word counts, Google-friendly reading levels, and pertinent NLP terms.

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KWHero Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What KWHero Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Examine articles that do well to create material that ranks higher than that of your rivals. With all that rival research finished, KWHero’s AI can quickly produce a content plan. Every outline has the right amount of words for your post, targeted phrases, and keyword-rich headings arranged in the ideal hierarchy.

Not enough time to write? In only a few minutes, use AI to create branded content in 80 languages. Outlines that are tailored to user intent and search engine optimisation can be produced by AI. Working together is made easy with KWHero’s assistance in creating a keyword-focused content plan that you can distribute to your team.


Anyone can watch the growth of content, bookmark keywords for use in future SEO operations, and annotate individual posts. Furthermore, KWHero makes it even simpler by allowing you to publish material to WordPress with only a few clicks.

How It KWHero Lifetime Deal Work?

KWHero leverages AI to identify high-intent SEO keywords, research rivals, and create flawlessly optimized content that achieves top Google rankings. You can create SEO content using KWHero’s AI that is properly optimized to outrank all of your rivals.

Getting a list of pertinent keywords and the most recent information on volume, ranking difficulty, and cost per click simply takes a few seconds. Additionally, the profitability score, the previous year’s search patterns, and the top search results are displayed for each keyword result.

Additionally, KWHero can generate content in your brand voice that is guaranteed to pass AI detection because to amazing capabilities like out-of-the-box NLP optimisation. Find keywords that have information on profitability, ranking difficulty, cost per click, and other factors.

Use the content analysis feature to begin producing material that regularly beats the best of your fiercest competitors. Determine the optimal word count and quantity of headings and paragraphs by examining competitor’s top-performing content. Additionally, you will learn about their reading levels, which headings to focus on, and how to use NLP phrases to capture search intent.

At Last

Make content plans that are keyword-focused and distribute them to your whole team.

With KWHero, you can create content that is flawlessly optimised and sure to outperform your competitors.

Take the lead in organic search.

KWHero Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($129) Tier 3 ($199)

All features above included

All features above included

All features above included
AI credits per month10 AI credits per month25 AI credits per month
50 content analyses per month100 content analyses per month175 content analyses per month

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