($69)Breeze Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Breeze Lifetime Deal

Breeze is an open source project management tool. It’s intended for project managers to plan and track their projects, whether those are small tasks or large, complex projects. Breeze makes it easy to plan, organize, and track projects. keeping your team on task, and being … Read more

($59)Preceden Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Preceden Lifetime Deal

For any project, make professional timetables and roadmaps in no time. When you are planning your project hardest part shouldn’t be creating your project timeline. You require a simple to use application that enables you to quickly build clear visual timelines and roadmaps. Preceden is here … Read more

($79)Parallel Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Parallel Lifetime Deal

Automate customer onboarding with centralized, secure document management. You’d have much more success herding sheep than getting customers to complete their onboarding documentation by the deadline. Parallel is a platform that you could use a safe document management platform to automate all the paperwork and … Read more

($59)Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Knowtworthy Lifetime Deal

Without the busywork, record meeting notes and real-time transcriptions. If you try to write down each concept by hand during a meeting, you won’t be able to write down everything and it’s not a good idea at all. With real-time and recorded meeting transcriptions, teams can … Read more

($69)DMARC Report Lifetime Deal AppSumo

DMARC Report Lifetime Deal

DMARC Report helps your organization to improve email deliverability by reporting email domains that have issues. With access to powerful reporting tools, such as spam ID, phishing report and business metrics, you can easily determine the level of protection for each of your domains. How … Read more

($78)Ahsuite Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Ahsuite Lifetime Deal

Streamline internal processes and create faster client interfaces. Switching between various tools to manage your client portal will not help you to stay on task. Ahsuite is a platform that enables you to manage internal activities and projects while creating user-friendly customer portals. Your budget … Read more

($69)Flotiq Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Flotiq Lifetime Deal

Flotiq is an API-first content management platform used to create API for developers to access content. The software offers rich text editors, content versioning and support for linking content types. You can easily add images, videos and other content types to your Flotiq pages, and … Read more

($59)Gleap Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Gleap Lifetime Deal

Gleap is a developer tool that enables you fix bugs faster. It finds defects more quickly and collect customer feedback to improve product features. It’s a diagnostic and feedback tool that helps you make better decisions faster. Gleap helps you get to the root cause … Read more

($79)Blixo Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Blixo Lifetime Deal

Have one platform to manage subscriptions, billing, collections, and automated reconciliation. When you’re constantly hunting down unpaid invoices and catching up on your accounts receivable, scaling your business is difficult. Blixo is a tool that helps you examine your invoices, collect payments, and follow up … Read more