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Having numerous tabs, open for various projects at once makes it difficult to go through your responsibilities quickly. You have to switch between twenty or more tabs before you can find the one you are looking for because most web browsers are not made to be multitasking friendly.

Would you like a project-focused browser that may help you focus on one task at a time by organizing your tabs? Establish specialized workspaces where you may save tasks, files, bookmarks, and social network profiles for each project. Create timesheets automatically for you and your team each month to increase billing accuracy.

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Kirmada Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Kirmada Lifetime Deal Can Do?

To increase billing accuracy, Kirmada creates timesheets automatically. 10GB of dedicated cloud storage for Workspaces is included with each user account so that project assets can be kept apart.

The calendar allows you to add tasks and comments, ensuring that nothing crucial is overlooked. A simple picture editor is even included in workspaces!

Digital marketers will find Kirmada’s social media planner quite helpful since it allows them to create social media postings. To make social media postings for clients, use the integrated social media scheduler.

Give a team or contractor’s access to files, social media accounts, calendar entries, and more by emailing them a link to your workspaces. With the calendar, you can designate precise assignments so that each person understands exactly what needs to be done each day.

The best part is that Kirmada does the work of creating timesheets for new members, so at the end of the month, there is no more guesswork.

How It Kirmada Lifetime Deal Work?

A productivity tool for the browser, Kirmada groups clients and projects into feature-rich Workspaces. The days of multitasking are over! You will be more productive and able to maintain focus than ever before with this browser-based tool.

With Kirmada, you can group clients and projects into specific workspaces so you only have access to the tabs you need. Furthermore, you may effortlessly transition between various projects and clients throughout the day with just two clicks to switch Workspaces. Keep files and bookmarks in specific Workspaces for each project.

In order to help you track how much time you have spent working in a specific workspace, this tool automatically creates timesheets. To increase billing accuracy, Kirmada automatically starts and stops the timer whether you are working on a retainer or an hourly rate.

Further, you can take notes during any session to record the tasks you are working on—in case your clients need to know.

At Last

Guests can be added to your workspace, and their timesheets will be automatically tracked.

You are losing money if you keep track of billable hours manually. Thankfully, Kirmada offers Workspaces specifically designed for tracking hours, storing information, and organizing work for different projects.

Maintain your focus to increase your income.

Kirmada Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($129)Tier 3 ($229)
1 licensed user(s)licensed user(s)20 licensed user(s)
Unlimited workspacesUnlimited workspacesUnlimited workspaces
Unlimited connected social media accountsUnlimited connected social media accountsUnlimited connected social media accounts

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