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Increase conversions with a simple analytics and advertising tool. Monitoring ad performance is the best way to stop paying unsuccessful campaigns, but doing so can feel like a full-time job given the variety of ad channels and analytics tools available.

A solution that makes it simple to produce excellent advertisements, examine conversions, and automatically suspend underperforming ads is what you need. Improve performance and quickly interrupt underperforming advertising by using automatic budget optimization.

With the help of graphic click map analytics, you may discover further about your prospects’ activities when they click your advertisement. Adline is an intuitive analytics and advertising tool that enables you to manage your ads and boost ROI using optimization techniques.

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Adline Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Adline Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Utilize an easy-to-use ad creator to create advertising for Facebook or Google in four different forms. The tracking script from Adline can look for conversion events like clicks on buttons, links, and destination pages across your entire website.

Find out which channels provide the most traffic and conversions, and the top conversion factors.

You’ll be able to decide where to allocate your marketing budget to maximise your revenues because it’s simple to examine the cost per convert. With the help of Adline’s Click Map, you can convert your website into a live, graphic analytics dashboard that shows where visitors click on your landing page.

Knowing how users engage with your website will help you better understand your target market and identify any growth-related roadblocks. Additionally, you’ll be able to compare traffic and conversions by channels, devices, and geographies by viewing the traffic patterns on your website.

How It Adline Lifetime Deal Work?

Your ad budget will be adjusted by Adline’s automatic budget optimization algorithm across different channels at least six times each day. This programme can automatically identify underperformers, pause them, and grow winning ads in their place by monitoring pertinent ad parameters.

This implies that you can increase ROI and reduce losses without doing anything. Even more than 40 times a week, you’ll be able to move your advertising budget around to make sure you’re supporting profitable advertising campaigns.

With automatic budget optimization algorithms, stop underperforming advertising. Using the Adline Ads Creator, anyone can quickly create multichannel ads, regardless of experience level. To post your advertising on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, all you need to do is write a headline and description, then add an image or a video.

You may easily create many variations for testing by duplicating your ads and making simple changes to the creative or copy. Additionally, Adline enables you to handle multichannel ads without the hassle of managing several accounts by combining your Facebook and Google ads in one unified campaign builder.


Analyze visitor click-through rates and trends by tracking where they visit on your website. In order to optimize your ROI automatically, Adline can monitor your marketing performance and manage your ad budget.

Grow your campaigns smoothly with Adline. 

Adline Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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