($69) Augmental Learning Lifetime Deal AppSumo

To be honest, your site builder may work fine for your homepage, but it will not be able to facilitate the creation of an online academy or course. 

If you do not have the coding skills to create a self-hosted digital learning environment, you are also losing out on chances to share and make money from your expertise.

Fortunately, an AI platform exists that can create any number of fully developed and branded online courses you wish to commercialise instantaneously.

Give students access to an AI learning assistant that fills in any conceptual gaps and explains ideas. Create tools, lesson plans, and evaluations with generative AI that are specific to your learning goals.

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Augmental Learning Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Augmental Learning Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Use an adaptable AI learning assistant to provide your students individualized assistance. From the main dashboard, you can get detailed metrics to monitor how students are interacting with your courses.

With an intuitive design, this dashboard records information on engagement by type of content, average time spent, performance of outcomes, and much more.

Additionally, you can focus on particular classes, materials, and questions to identify any issues that need to be resolved. To improve your course, get insightful data on student performance and engagement.

The best part about Augmental Learning is that you can white label your academy or course to match the style of your business. Even better, you may use CNAME to use a custom domain so that all of your material is linked to your live website.

Managing several clients at once? To keep things neat and tidy, you can make sub-accounts with distinct branding for various clients.

How It Augmental Learning Lifetime Deal Work?

An AI-powered platform called Augmental Learning assists educators and content producers in designing, modifying, and commercializing online courses.

Create all of your course materials using AI, including the syllabus and test questions, and get your course up and running quickly.

You can upload your own reference materials to Augmental Learning in order to provide guidance to the AI when it generates a new course.

The platform lets you check and update any AI-generated material before it goes live to make sure it satisfies your standards. Use an AI that is learning to generate everything and launch your course quickly.

By breaking down ideas, offering personalized comments, and sharing summaries of any subject, the AI learning assistant can help students who are having trouble understanding concepts.

With this functionality, you can improve learning outcomes and lower dropout rates without constantly holding someone’s hand. In order to comprehend your course material even better, eager students can even create mini-courses on any subtopic.

At Last

Use a custom domain and white-label your online learning academy.

It should not be necessary for you to be a tech expert to create your own online course or learning center. You are in luck since Augmental Learning has a tonne of tools that will enable you to create and monetize courses that captivate students from start to finish.

Use AI to open an online school.

Augmental Learning Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($159) Tier 3 ($299)
1 admin user(s)5 admin user(s)15 admin user(s)
150 active learners500 active learners2,000 active learners
100 GB storage200 GB storage400 GB storage

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