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Although Google Sheets are a fantastic tool for businesses, they are not a dependable method for managing backlinks. Google Sheets will not stop your pricey links from withering, expiring, or being removed by webmasters over time, even if they appear orderly.

Therefore, without losing bought links and paying clients, how are you going to manage your SEO budgets and link-building teams? Utilize the safe link database to get comprehensive SEO stats and manage projects, link builders, and backlinks.

Control every step of the link-building process, including the expenses, and use automatic health inspections to stop link deletions.

Base is a white-label link-building management software designed to improve workflow efficiency for SEO businesses while assisting them in developing high-quality connections.

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Base - Backlink Management Software Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Base Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You may import existing lists in bulk or add new link-building targets with ease. To keep control over who may view projects, modify statuses, add or remove websites, and more, you can define multiple user access levels.

Additionally, Base’s user-friendly dashboard makes it simple to monitor the link builder’s progress, budgets, and anticipated deliverables.

The best part is that you can always stay under your budget by keeping an eye on purchased links’ costs, expiration dates, anchors, URL targets, and link health. Monitor the daily progress, budgets, and deliverables that are required of the link builder.

By using 16 distinct checkpoints, the integrated spam score rapidly determines a website’s quality, ensuring that you never pursue the incorrect links.

Create your own lowest threshold criteria for factors such as domain rating, organic traffic, and external links by customizing the spam algorithm.

To stop link builders from adding poor-quality websites to your list of prospects, you can even compile a list of blacklisted domain names.

How It Base Lifetime Deal Work?

Base allows you to effortlessly manage your team and the link-building process by providing you with access to a searchable database including all of your backlinks.

Any link in the database can be sorted, filtered, and enhanced to prevent repeating work with various link builders.

Do you want to stay current with your link-building strategy? With the use of this tool, you may obtain the most recent Ahrefs SEO data, including organic traffic and domain rating.

In addition, Base will periodically monitor the status of your backlinks and notify you if anything changes. Use sophisticated filters to look through all of your backlinks and get access to real-time SEO analytics.

When dealing with several link-builders, Base is ideal because it keeps track of the link-building chances you are pursuing as well as your overall success.

To make sure that everyone in your team is on the same page, add fresh link-building targets or import your list in bulk.

Additionally, you will be able to change the website status for every project to avoid using URLs that have been claimed by another client.

At Last

Using a spam algorithm, automatically exclude low-quality domains and observe a rise in productivity!

Fortunately, Base is here to assist you in managing the entire link-building procedure as well as all of your team initiatives, allowing you to concentrate on catching bigger fish.

Make your back linking plan simpler.

Base Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($118)Tier 3 ($177)
100 newly added/confirmed links (monthly)200 newly added/confirmed links (monthly)300 newly added/confirmed links (monthly)
100 manual checks (monthly)200 manual checks (monthly)300 manual checks (monthly)
8 users16 users24 users

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