Batball 11 Ludo App: 100% Genuine & Trusted Ludo App

Batball11 Ludo is the next best thing you will witness in the sports fantasy industry. After the lockdown, Ludo leagues have become the favorites of many, Since we have been playing it since childhood, and it’s the best thing to unleash our hidden talent to make some money.

The Batball 11 Ludo is 100% genuine and trusted with the best customer care among any sports fantasy app. We have been a part of this app since 2019, and we never faced any such issues in our journey.

Apk NameBatball11
CategoryFantasy Sports
Size (APK)99.1 MB
Batball11 Referral CodeLuck50
Minimum Withdrawal 200Rs
Batball 11 APP Download Batball11 Apk
Batball 11 IOS App (iPhone Users)Batball11 Apk
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How To Register On Batball11 Ludo App?

The great part is, the Batball11 app is available for both Android, IOS devices so the users do not have to worry about anything.

  • Download the Batball 11 Ludo APK
  • Install the app by allowing the permissions.
  • Click on “Signup
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Enter “Name, Mobile, Password”
  • Enter Batball 11 Referral Code “Luck50
  • Get a 50Rs bonus on signup.

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We have curated a list of genuine Ludo apps; try some and enjoy paid Ludo leagues on 100% genuine and trusted platforms.

How To Play Batball 11 Ludo?

  • Once registered, Go to the dashboard.
  • Select “LUDO” from the games menu.
  • Choose the leagues you wish to play.
  • You will get the winnings moment after your match completes.

Types Of Paid Ludo Leagues

There are nearly 3 types of paid ludo leagues, out of which 2 of them are now available to play. In the upcoming days multiple games will also be available.

  • Classic (Unlocked)
  • Point (Unlocked)
  • T20 (Locked)

Classic Ludo

Classic Ludo is a regular type of Ludo that is commonly available on any regular Ludo app. You can play with your friends by creating private leagues. Only 2players can play at a time so it is a head 2 head gameplay.

Point Ludo

Point Ludo is a recently released update in the batball11 app where you have to play and earn maximum points in the leagues in a specific time frame of 3 min or 5 min. You can play with two people or 4.

Batball11 Ludo (FAQs)

Answers to the most asked questions by the users.

What is the BatBall11 Referral Code?

Start your journey with the “Luck50” Referral code & get a 50Rs signup bonus.

What is the TDS rate for Batball 11?

30%, Exactly the same as other games or sports fantasy apps. You will have to pay 30% TDS o your profits. No TDS is liable if you’re at a loss. TDS will be deducted at the time of withdrawal.

What is the minimum withdrawal from batball?

The minimum withdrawal amt. is 200Rs be it regular or instant withdrawal.

How do I withdraw from BatBall11?

You can withdraw in your registered/KYC-verified bank account with the Batball11 app.

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