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When your “user-friendly tool” does not even provide a manual, you cannot expect new users to stick around. The truth is, the worst online app guides simply drive consumers away, but it takes a lot of coding expertise to create thorough product tours.

If only there was a no-code platform that could provide engaging product tours and prevent users from permanently signing out.

Utilize real-time analytics to track user interaction and identify any product tour bottlenecks. With code snippets or the WordPress plugin, you may create virtual tours without writing any code and integrate them.

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Bonboarding Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Bonboarding Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Make every graphic component unique to your brand. You may utilize Bonboarding to make product tours that assist people in need, re-engage consumers, and convey feature announcements.

Do you want to target a specific audience? Make targeting rules that restrict access so that people who fulfil particular requirements are the only ones who see tours.

Additionally, you may customize all of the material that users view on the screen by using custom values, which enable you to give user information. Adapt all of your targeting to display material to the appropriate audience.

You can get real-time data on your product tours with this platform, such as the average amount of time spent and the percentage of tours completed.

Even better, you can monitor analytics at each stage of the trip to find out where users tend to lose interest. In addition, Bonboarding can be integrated with Zapier and Slack, so it will operate seamlessly with your current workflow.

How It Bonboarding Lifetime Deal Work?

A no-code platform called Bonboarding makes virtual product tours to improve the user experience on your website. With bonboarding, you can walk new users through the key aspects of your online application without having to write any code.

Do you need to draw attention to something? To explain what is happening, add copy, darken the remainder of the page, and highlight the relevant elements.

In order to give customers a quick rundown of specific web pages or app sections, you can also interact with them via pop-up modals.

The best part is that installing a WordPress plugin or entering a code snippet into your codebase will do the job of introducing this feature to your website. Without writing a single line of code, create engaging product tours.

Because bonboarding will recognize and match your website design automatically, your product tour will always be consistent with your brand. Pop-ups and highlights will be fully customizable, allowing you to change the fonts, colors, borders, and spacing.

Better yet, this platform allows you to make global themes that apply the same style to all of your highlights and pop-ups.

At Last

Analyze your product tour thoroughly to identify any bottlenecks.

Without guidance, new users will not be able to locate the things they want.  Fortunately, Bonboarding comes with a ton of no-code tools and statistics to support you in making amazing product tours that entice users to stay on board.

Display your best qualities.

Bonboarding Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
1,500 monthly active users5,000 monthly active users15,000 monthly active users
N.ARemoval of brandingRemoval of branding

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