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Quick feedback analysis for deeper insights without reading. If you don’t know what your clients really want, then product development can feel like a risk. Feedback from open-ended questions would give you deeper insight but detailed analysis can take hours.

Brieferr is the tool that can transform qualitative data into actionable insights, so could better understand what your customers really want and you can prioritize your product roadmap accordingly. Improve your sales and generate insight that can be converted into PDF as well. Make your user satisfied with the product they are looking for.

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Brieferr Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Brieferr Can Do?

Using this tool, you can get the bigger picture while also digging deeper into individual feedback, so there is no chance to miss any important highlight. On the dashboard, you will get snapshot of how user feel, along with user individual responses and customer information.

Here you can also read the raw messages and check who is writing them, or skip the reading to gauge overall user sentiment. Get a detailed analysis of every single response, so you are never missing an important update.

You can merge Brieferr with your liked one survey tools and CRMs to trigger actions and stay on top of form submissions. By connecting Brieferr to Zapier, you can automate your workflows between apps like Typeform, Squarespace, and SurveyMonkey.

You can keeps reports appropriate with the latest data by updating your dashboard for every new form submission. Join your favorite tool to trigger actions and streamline the feedback analysis process.

How Does Brieferr Work?

It is an automated feedback analysis platform that calculates user sentiment and generates actionable insights from open-ended responses. It helps you to manage and analyze open-ended feedback to uncover deeper insights into your user experience.

You can also transfer response data from your preferred survey tools as CSV files to generate dashboards for quick access to all your insights. From this, you can able to spot trends and zero in on weak spots, all without going through a bundle of pages of feedback.

When we talk about quantitative and qualitative feedback, Brieferr gives you both worlds. With Natural Language Processing, you can get a detailed analysis span of feedback for a detailed summary of overall user satisfaction.

It allows you to transform open-ended responses into net promoter (NPS) and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) – And it doesn’t call for survey scales or limiting close-ended questions.

Conclusion: Without knowing what your customer actually wants, your product can feel lost in the digital market. But with Brieferr you can able to design experience for better sales and increase revenue. Make a better user experience with Brieferr.

Brieferr Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)
Unlimited dashboards
1 GB CSV upload size
Zapier integration
Sentiment analysis
Named entity analysis
Summary generator

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