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Control your product and scale your business with a platform built for teams. If your product strategy is still behind the time then Calido can helps you to customize responsive product roadmaps, test cool ideas, and launch your vision.

Also, the end-to-end product lifecycle is tough to manage when you are stuck between bunch of tools that don’t interface well with each other. Launch your product with customizable templates, including OKRs, user personas, and roadmaps.

Execute your ideas in real-time using idea portals to gather user feedback. Basically, Calido is a product management platform that makes product development easy and smooth.

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Calido Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What does Calido Can Do?

To keep your team in loop you can even create dashboards and custom views. You can also capture response to your ideas so you can classify analysis that your customers really want.

Share an idea portal to invite user feedback, discover new insights, and validate your ideas. So your stockholders and customers can also share their thoughts on new features using a built-in comment section. So that, you can get the idea of what your customers want in future release.

Quickly start your workflow with a library of easy-to-use templates, including a fully customizable roadmap, idea portal, and launch plan. Calido is also useful to manage wide range of projects, from usability testing to marketing campaigns to team tasks.

Transfer your content and use the drag-and-drop feature to create different workspaces and manage your teams easily. You can also craft your own template in no time, and Calido team is always ready to support you when you need it.

How does Calido Lifetime Deal Works?

Calido helps you to execute your project from beginning to end. With one platform you can Identify priorities, simplify workflows, and make data-driven decisions that cuts through the tech clutter. You can stick out product market features quickly that gives you customer insights.

Here, you can also share roadmaps and dashboards with your stakeholders so everyone from the team can contribute from beginning. From product strategy to marketing campaign handle everything from one place.

Using Calido, you can rally everyone around your vision to get from your key-decision makers and collective manage the full project. You can also make custom shared views to keep busy your team at every stage of the project.

Share a view with developers and allow them to track product iterations and make a shareable timeline to keep everyone in a bend. You can also show editable Live View at your next meeting to adjust resources, progress, and priorities in real time – to impress your team mates.

Conclusion: Calido makes it easy to start any project with personalized templates. In today’s world it tough to manage your product or business without supple tool. But Calido makes use flexible intelligence to create trackers, dashboards, and ready-made templates that simplify your projects.

Calido Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($119) Tier 3 ($229)
5 team members20 team members50 team members
5 workspaces10 workspacesUnlimited workspaces
5 products10 productsUnlimited products

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