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CastNest is the simplest way to share your live and recorded video content online. It uses innovative technology to make it easy to monetize your video streams and content, so you can start earning right away. Plus, CastNest allows for cross-platform streaming so you can reach users on any device. 

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CastNest Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What CastNest Lifetime Deal Can Do?

CastNest, a video platform that is designed to make it simple to share and monetize your livestreams and other recorded video content. It’s an innovative platform that offers a multitude of features and functions, such as the ability to create branded video portals, automate video delivery, and accept payments for content. 

Additionally, CastNest provides top-notch analytics so you can track the performance of your videos and make data-driven decisions. With an ever-evolving product lineup, CastNest is the perfect platform for any content creator who wants to easily share and monetize their work.

How It CastNest Lifetime Deal Work?

CastNest is the ultimate video platform for digital content creators. This platform provides a one-stop-shop to produce, stream, and share content to your audience. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to monetize your live streams or recorded content anywhere. With CastNest, you can engage with viewers, build your fan base, and maximize your potential.

CastNest is transforming the way video content is shared and monetized. It provides an easy and secure way to stream or store your videos, and then share or monetize them across multiple platforms.

With its unique tools, you can customize your streams to your liking – from custom thumbnails to chat boxes – and quickly monetize your content. With CastNest, you can easily create and share powerful, engaging digital experiences that can grow and diversify your audience.

CastNest provides you with all the resources you need, including multistreaming, revenue, and analytics, to go live.

Starting your stream is simple; all you need to do is define it, set up your encoder, and start recording. You can share your live simultaneously on more than 30 social media networks thanks to the platform’s multistreaming features.

Even if your live and on-demand video material is not available on YouTube, CastNest still enables you to monetise it. For video on demand (VOD), it’s simple to add pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll commercials and start making money.

You can charge participants for virtual events utilising the built-in paywall, just like for in-person events.

Online videos can be hacked, pirated, and subject to other security risks just like any other digital asset, but CastNest has you protected.

You can use a variety of encryptions and security measures, such as HTTPS transmission and domain or IP limitations, to protect your virtual events. You may even use privacy settings to control who can view your broadcast at any time.

To maintain your brand in the public eye, you can even alter the colour scheme of the video player and turn off the CastNest emblem. Furthermore, you get access to analytics, allowing you to identify your audience’s location, time of viewing, and device.

Streaming videos on multiple platforms is no longer a daunting task thanks to CastNest. This platform handles the entire streaming process from start to finish, making it easy for you to broadcast your content across up to 30 different social networks simultaneously. 

Not only will your content have an increased reach, but you also have access to features such as real-time analytics, viewer interaction, and a suite of other helpful tools. 

In short, CastNest allows you to stream videos with unprecedented ease, giving you the ability to share your content with the world.


Hope you got all the details of CastNest if you have any query or doubt you can ask in the comment box. 

CastNest Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($179)
All features above includedAll features above included
100 GB monthly bandwidth2 TB monthly bandwidth
5 GB VOD storage250 GB VOD storage

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