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Until you have to collaborate with the rest of your team, ChatGPT sounds like a great tool.Even while
ChatGPT can speed up your writing process, there are virtually no free collaborative solutions available.
If only you could communicate with the rest of your team using only one ChatGPT account to exchange
prompts, documents, and chats.Use the AI to upload files and extract, condense, or rephrase
information based on the context.
Give your team access to ChatGPT, which has features including a prompt library, sharing chats, and
personalised branding.

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 ChatABC Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ChatABC Lifetime Deal Can Do?

By simply asking a query, you can upload your papers and extract any information. You can search the
prompt library in ChatABC to locate prompts for frequent use cases, such as creating social media ads,
blog posts, or marketing emails.
Have a few go-to prompts? Prompts can be saved to your personal library so that they are literally at
your fingertips whenever you need them. You can group chats into folders so you do not have to go
through every conversation to get what you are looking for.

Additionally, you will not need to purchase individual accounts because your prompts will be kept in
workspaces that your entire team can access. Utilize a vast collection of preset prompts to produce
higher-quality results faster.

Any ChatGPT output can be shared with your team via a public URL, allowing them to join from their
own devices. To continue where someone left off, team members can even load the complete
conversation in their own window. The platform may be white-labeled, and you can use your own
domain to offer this service to your customers. That is the best part.

How It ChatABC Lifetime Deal Work?

In addition to prepared prompts, document support, and shared access from a single user, ChatABC
enhances ChatGPT’s collaborative features. You can pick between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 in ChatABC, allowing
you to use your free or premium accounts right away.
Create your own marketing consultant to talk about advertising by customizing your prompts to make
ChatGPT the “character” you require. There are a tonne of predefined character suggestions in this app,
from personal trainers to chefs. Only one click is required!
There is no need for prompt engineering because you have the freedom to select your output language,
tone, writing style, and formats. Enjoy a chat interface that is simple to use and provides quick access to
prepared prompts and modifiers.
By copying and pasting a few lines of text or uploading a PDF file, you will be able to train ChatGPT with
private, offline, or downloaded material. Asking questions regarding the uploaded text or document in
real time is simple with the split screen view. Not only will ChatABC react, but it will also explain
precisely which website and where it got the information.


Without requiring individual accounts, give your entire team access to ChatGPT sessions. You will be
able to use your money how you want to with shared access to ChatGPT.
Your team may utilize ChatGPT without incident thanks to ChatABC’s single-account access, prompt
library, and support for document uploads.

Cooperate more effectively.

ChatABC Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($39)Tier 2 ($159)
All features above includedAll features above included
3 team members
25 team members
Unlimited ChatGPT usage (via your Open API key)
Unlimited ChatGPT usage (via your Open API key)

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