($99)Cheat Layer Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Create white-label automations using OpenAI machine learning and no-code tools. In actuality, your company must connect a number of intricate equipment on a daily basis to function, but your temporary fix is unworkable.

Cheat Layer create completely usable automations in a short period of time utilizing no-code technologies and machine learning. Create business automations using robust no-code tools and machine learning powered by OpenAI Codex without any prior knowledge.

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Cheat Layer Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Cheat Layer Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Automations can be scheduled to operate locally or on Cheat Cloud servers months in advance. Additionally, you will be able to offer your clients a white-label Chrome extension version of your automated solution.

Additionally, Cheat Layer enables you to integrate a backend template that accepts Stripe subscriptions or AppSumo codes and allows you choose from pre-built automations. Also, you can ask for customised scripts for your projects and contact with knowledgeable experts via Office Hours.

Select from pre-built cheat codes or use Project Atlas, a Codex-powered automation generator, to create intricate automations. Even if a website doesn’t yet offer its own API, Cheat Cloud will allow you to turn it into an API.

In this manner, you can create special SaaS services that aren’t offered on the market and begin generating some recurring income. In order to free yourself from having to execute monotonous duties, Cheat Layer also enables you to construct robotic process automations (RPA) for desktop on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

How It Cheat Layer Lifetime Deal Work?

You may create white-label automations using Cheat Layer by utilizing no-code tools, action recorders, and OpenAI machine learning. With the aid of Cheat Layer’s action recorders, no-code tools, and OpenAI Codex machine learning, you can create intricate automations in a matter of minutes.

To create bespoke solutions, you only need to record actions like clicks, movements, and scrolls or pick from a list of pre-set action types. Utilize cutting-edge computer vision or even user-trained custom machine learning models to run an endless number of automations across any software and browser.

By recording actions or selecting from pre-set action categories, you can quickly build your automation. Using webhooks, which run in the background of your browser, you may build your own limitless integration service (much like Zapier but without the added costs!).

To automate routine tasks, connect with business platforms like Google Sheets, Riku.ai, Canva, and LinkedIn. Using an extension or on the Cheat Cloud servers, the application also enables you to conduct endless scheduled automations with zero downtime.


You can even build an infinite number of desktop RPAs to perform tedious task for you. Cheat Layer enables you to create automations using cutting-edge computer vision and language models powered by OpenAI and it doesnt ask for your skills background. 

Utilize a no-code solution to automate your business.

Cheat Layer Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($99) Tier 2 ($198) Tier 3 ($297)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
team seat(s)team seat(s)10 team seat(s)
500 machine learning credits per month1000 machine learning credits per month1500 machine learning credits per month

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