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Clay is an innovative AI-powered relationship manager designed to revolutionize how you connect and nurture relationships across various platforms.

With Clay, you can effortlessly discover, organize, and strengthen your connections, enabling you to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships in a digital age. Experience the power of Clay and unlock new levels of connection and productivity.

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Clay Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Clay Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Clay offers a seamless one-click import feature for multiple platforms, allowing you to effortlessly import contacts from your email, calendar, Apple Contacts, and social media accounts.

With Clay, contacts are automatically enriched with information gathered from various online sources, consolidating it into unique profiles.

By utilizing Clay, you gain access to comprehensive details such as work and education history, social links, significant dates, and much more, conveniently organized within a single platform.

This centralized repository ensures that all pertinent information about your contacts is easily accessible and readily available.

Additionally, Clay’s integration capabilities enable real-time updates, allowing you to instantly pull in new connections from your email, calendar events, or LinkedIn profile.

By leveraging these integrations, you can connect with individual’s at the most opportune moments, ensuring timely and meaningful interactions.

How It Clay Lifetime Deal Work?

With Clay, you have the ability to enhance your contact profiles by adding personalized notes and additional relevant information about each individual.

This allows you to capture important details such as the location where you met, the names of their children, and their major interests.

By including these specifics, you can create more meaningful and personalized interactions with your contacts.

Moreover, Clay offers a convenient reminder feature. You can set reminders for recurring events such as presentations, birthdays, and anniversaries.

These reminders will appear on your Review screen precisely on the designated day, ensuring that you never miss an important occasion or opportunity to connect.

Take advantage of Clay’s note-taking and reminder functionalities to stay organized, build stronger relationships, and ensure that you’re always prepared for important events and engagements. Maximize your connection-building potential with Clay’s comprehensive tools and features.

Clay provides you with the flexibility to configure relationship suggestions according to your preferences.

You can manually prioritize specific relationships or let the app determine a schedule for you based on its algorithms and insights.

On the Home screen, you’ll have access to a feed that displays updates from individuals in your network, serving as prompts to reach out to them.

This feature keeps you informed about the latest news and activities of your contacts, facilitating meaningful engagement.

To further assist you in maintaining regular contact, Clay offers reminders and calendar events tailored to each day.

These reminders ensure that you know exactly whom you should reach out to promptly, enabling you to stay connected and nurture your relationships effectively.

Take advantage of Clay’s intuitive features to optimize your networking efforts. Whether you prefer manual configuration or rely on the app’s scheduling capabilities, Clay empowers you to cultivate and strengthen your connections effortlessly.


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