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Clodura.AI is  powered by AI marketing intelligence platform that provides you with access to the world’s largest B2B database, which includes over 600 million verified B2B emails, 12 million direct dials, email campaigns, org charts, LinkedIn integration, and much more.

One lead-generation platform to replace any other tools you may require for your lead-generation process. A sales intelligence tool driven by AI that gives you access to the world’s largest B2B database. Clodura.

AI allows you to search a B2B database of 18M firms using numerous filter settings. Companies can be found using a variety of criteria.

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Clodura.AI Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Companies can be found using the following criteria:


  • Name of the company Industry Size of the company
  • Buyer Intent Company Type Company Headquarters Location
  • Look for ISVs.
  • Search across industries such as Healthtech, Edtech, Fintech, Retailtech, and so on.
  • Advanced filters that are specifically developed to help you search for companies more effectively.

Get a comprehensive corporate report that includes:

  • Industry Size of the Company
  • Most recent funding
  • Jobs and patterns were exploited by technologies and products.
  • Sales triggers for buyer intent
  • Organisational diagrams

Buyer Preference

Determine which companies and contacts are interested in your services. Utilise the most potent sales intent to assist you in identifying your next buyer.

Data on Contacts

Using powerful search filters, browse through 18M companies and 600M contacts.

How It Works?

Clodura.AI has the largest B2B database in the world, with 600 million contacts and 12 million direct dials. Clodura.AI’s dependable business data has been confirmed to achieve 95% accuracy, allowing sales teams to hit their targets with extreme precision.

Enjoy powerful filters that will wow you. With these criteria, you may search for practically anything.

Filters for Search

  • Name of the contact
  • Function and seniority
  • Location of contact
  • Company specifications
  • Technology specifications
  • Areas of intent and hiring
  • Website tags and keywords
  • Funding


To reach out to more prospects, automate your sales outreach. Clodura.AI allows you to track and analyse all of your emails’ views and reactions.

Technographic Information

Discover diverse products utilised by various businesses. Clodura includes technological segmentation as standard.AI and over 15,000 technologies are included.

Organisational Diagrams

Determine who the decision-maker is and shorten your sales cycle. 

Create a sales pipeline to convert leads into buyers.

Clodura Technographic Data.

AI manages and tracks install-base data for over 15,000 technological products in areas such as CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, ERP, analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS, design, and so on.

Direct Dialling

Get your hands on 60 million direct dials right now. Don’t waste valuable selling time dealing with gatekeepers and switchboards. Allow your sales team to immediately reach and connect with decision-makers. Give yourself the ability to dial direct dial phone numbers.

Organisation Diagram

Clodura’s org chart tool can assist you figure out who makes the decisions. Knowing your prospect better inevitably leads to faster and better closings.

Intention to Sell Sales Qualified

RFPs, hiring areas, layoffs, employment changes of decision-makers, IPO, product launch, conference attendance, collaborations, and other business signals can help you hyper-target your prospects.


Take use of an entirely operational outreach engine for automating your email sequences.

To Book More Meetings, Use a Killer Sales Cadence

Boost your sales productivity by sending the appropriate message at the appropriate moment for sales prospecting. Clodura.AI’s amazing email Cadence features aid in the generation of more engagements and the booking of more appointments.

Schedule More Meetings

Minimise hours of physical labour spent on producing and sending sales outreach emails and follow-ups every day. Set a timed email cadence to automate your sales outreach and engage with as many prospects as possible.

Examine Your Performance

observe and monitor email openings, clicks, and replies for every emails sent. Discover which messages and initiatives produced the best outcomes. As templates, use your most effective and favourite sales emails.

Connect Your Email Account

Clodura.AI connects with the email apps you already use. Connect your mailbox and other email-sending applications to stay up to date on all emails sent and received.

The Bottom Line

The difficulty of working with many apps reduces productivity and efficiency.

Clodura.AI’s platform has been built to integrate with as many CRMs as most sales and marketing departments use within their organisation.

We understand the necessity to work from a single platform that can track the targeted list of your most viable prospects in order to build a strong sales pipeline. 

Integration with the extensive CRMs simplifies your task and produces an adjustable and integrated workflow with critical data to increase the efficiency of your team.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, integrating with the CRMs on our platform will help you optimise operations and boost the value of every client engagement.

You can do the following using a CRM from our extensive list:

  • To close business faster, provide a personalised and engaging experience.
  • Increase your sales by utilising Clodura’s integrated CRM tools.
  • Automatically update the various contacts with new and up-to-date information.

CRM Integration-Excellent sales and opportunities. Your sales funnel is in line with the strategic goals of your firm.

clodura.ai Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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Unlock 1,000 contacts per month for your sales sequence to download or sync with CRMUnlock 2,000 contacts per month for your sales sequence to download or sync with CRMUnlock 3,000 contacts per month for your sales sequence to download or sync with CRM
CSV – upload your own data for Cadence

CSV – upload your own data for Cadence

CSV – upload your own data for Cadence

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