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Closely is a comprehensive cold outreach platform that allows users to streamline their B2B sales outreach process.

Through its comprehensive suite of tools, closely aims to make cold outreach more efficient and effective, helping users to find the best leads for their business without wasting valuable time. 

With its intuitive interface, Closely makes it easy to create and manage customized campaigns, automatically reaching out to hundreds of prospects in just a few clicks. 

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 Closely Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Closely Lifetime Deal Can Do?

The platform automates the entire process, eliminating the need for manual tasks such as searching for contact details. Additionally, Closely also enables users to track engagement and measure response rates, enabling them to optimize their marketing strategies over time.

It also provides powerful insights into each campaign, allowing users to quickly assess the effectiveness of their outreach efforts and optimize their campaigns to maximize ROI.

The platform also includes two powerful tools; an email validation tool which checks the emails to ensure they are valid, and a LinkedIn CRM which can manage and store contact information. These features make Closely the perfect tool for any sales and marketing team who needs to reach out to potential customers. 

How It Closely Lifetime Deal Work?

Closely is an innovative cloud-based automation tool developed to aid sales teams in the process of connecting with prospective customers and clients. 

By utilizing a range of automated processes, Closely eliminates the need for manual outreach efforts by streamlining the connection process and allowing sales reps to quickly establish relationships with potential clients.

 It also provides meaningful insights into the customer’s interests and buying habits that can be used to personalize outreach efforts and increase the chance of making a sale. 

With Closely, sales teams have more time to invest in other tasks, such as researching prospects, creating custom messages, and analyzing the effectiveness of their campaigns.

It features an extensive set of features such as automated connection request campaigns, follow up automation, lead scoring, and more. 

With this tool, sales teams can maximize their outreach efforts, helping them to identify and engage with the right prospects. Additionally, Closely makes it easy to manage relationships in one convenient place, allowing for a more efficient and effective sales process.

It uses its own proprietary algorithms to ensure outreach is more effective and efficient; thus, giving sales teams the best chance of success.

Moreover, Closely’s engagement metrics provide invaluable insights into how well the campaigns are performing and make it easier for teams to adjust their efforts or focus on other areas of the business.


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Closely Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)
1500 lead finder credits per month
Access to 130M+ B2B contacts with free email verification
Export contacts directly from prospect’s LinkedIn profile

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