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Create digital whiteboards to arrange content ideas and AI-generated keywords. You still need to figure out how to make sense of everything, even after days of study, keyword exploration, and brainstorming.

ContextMinds is a digital whiteboard filled with artificial intelligence (AI)-generated keyword recommendations, allowing you to centrally organise all of your thoughts. Utilize user-friendly mind maps to gather information, arrange it, and visualise your content and keyword research ideas.

Utilize a never-ending supply of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated topics, keyword ideas, SERP results, and academic research. Your content ideas and AI-generated keyword suggestions are attractively organised for you by ContextMinds.

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ContextMinds Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ContextMinds Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You should organise all of your documents, films, and other mind maps in your stored notes. To ensure that everyone is on the same page with the content strategy, site map, or visual outline, you can share your mind maps with customers or colleagues.

Simply export your map as a PDF, PNG, SVG, or text file to enable anytime, anywhere access for your team. Even without creating a ContextMinds account, you can share a link that anybody can access. 

Even if they don’t have a ContextMinds account, anyone can access your mind maps via links you share with them. The best part is that ContextMinds learns and stores everything you produce! That guarantees that you’ll never again run out of content ideas.

You may quickly access all the pinned notes and resources by searching for subjects and keywords from previous maps using the power of AI. Every content idea is saved by ContextMinds so you may return to themes and keywords.

How It ContextMinds Lifetime Deal Work?

You may use ContextMinds to create mind maps, outlines, and boards using a virtual whiteboard to organise your content ideas. Get real-time statistics on search traffic and keyword difficulty, as well as automatically created topics and keywords.

Any of these ideas can be moved around the whiteboard and grouped as necessary by dragging and dropping them there. For online or blog content, use AI-generated subjects and keywords to create a visual mind map.

With the help of your AI research assistant, you can click on any subject or term to do in-depth research. You can find keyword metrics, SERP results, relevant scholarly articles, and even brief paragraphs created by AI there. To ensure that you never lose track of your study, ContextMinds enables you to add all of these materials, videos, and other mind maps to pinned notes.


With ContextMinds, you can quickly come up with ideas for SEO-friendly content and keep everything centralised.

Note down all thoughts.

ContextMinds Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($138) Tier 3 ($207)
All features above includedAll features above included All features above included
6,000 topic and keyword lookups per month12,000 topic and keyword lookups per month20,000 topic and keyword lookups per month
1,500 web and AI article suggestions per month5,000 web and AI article suggestions per month10,000 web and AI article suggestions per month

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