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During sales calls, quickly share your screen with any device or browser to convert more leads. But because there are so many technical issues with the technologies you use to tailor your outreach, your leads will eventually stop responding.

Using CrankWheel you could speed up lead generation without any tech hiccups and add real-time visual help to your sales calls. During sales calls, share your screen with any device or browser—the viewer doesn’t need to download anything or set anything up.

Automatically reroute visitors to landing sites that upsell services, solicit feedback, or gather sign-ups after a session. Without the need for downloads or setup, CrankWheel rapidly allows you to share your screen with any browser or device.

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CrankWheel Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What CrankWheel Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Get a live overview of what your viewer sees so you can manage poor connections and keep your clients’ interest. Real-time tracking of the viewer’s mouse movements will allow you to alert you if they stop interacting with the screen.

Furthermore, you may provide your viewer remote access to the screen share so they can point, click, and text from any location. With CrankWheel, you can send visitors to landing pages that allow for service upselling, review requests, and even sign-up capture.

To stand out from the competition, including customized videos and unique conversational forms on your website or in sales emails. Additionally, you will be able to collect leads in your own CRM and retarget them with upcoming offers thanks to CrankWheel’s integrations.

How It CrankWheel Lifetime Deal Work?

With CrankWheel, it’s simple to rapidly add high-quality visuals to any call and it works with any browser or device. Simply select a single browser tab, a single programme window, or your entire screen to begin screen sharing.

Having trouble connecting? You’ll never have to be concerned about missed calls or lost leads again because to CrankWheel’s ability to overcome connectivity challenges. After completing the necessary downloads, meeting codes, and intricate configurations, you may start screen sharing with anyone without any hassle.

For your consumers to join from any device, just send a link, email, text, or mention your unique URL out loud. A call-to-action button can be added to your website by CrankWheel so that agents can call incoming leads as soon as they begin completing a contact form.


Fortunately, CrankWheel’s seamless screen sharing experience is made to function on any device or browser with no installations necessary.

Share instantly.

CrankWheel Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($119)Tier 3 ($179)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
1 user3 user8 user
900 total recording plays per month900 total recording plays per month900 total recording plays per month

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