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Being a team member when your group can’t maintain a file organisation structure is challenging. Additionally, you must consider how to make file sharing simple for third parties such as clients, investors, and other stakeholders.

Deskfirst is a hassle-free way to build user-friendly, web-based desktops where you could collaborate and exchange files. Drag and drop any file type, including pictures, movies, and documents, onto an intuitive online desktop.

Work together with groups and clients in completely branded online workspaces that you can connect or email. With Deskfirst, you can drag and drop files onto an intuitive online desktop that you can share with groups, stakeholders, and clients.

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Deskfirst Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Deskfirst Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Share online desktops with complete control over user permissions via email or a shareable link. Deskfirst makes it simple to design an online desktop that complements your distinctive brand whether you are working with colleagues or clients.

You may add cover photos, change background colours, add logos, and arrange your brand assets in any way that suits you. Would you like to polish it even more?

For your online desktop, look through the integrated Unsplash library and select a backdrop picture. Make each desktop’s background colours, graphics, and embedded logo unique.

Deskfirst’s built-in media player and gallery are perfect if you work with media files frequently. No additional software is needed to see images, watch films, or play music files in different formats thanks to the platform’s gallery and media player.

This means you will have everything you need to give clients customized workspaces and share deliverables with stakeholders.

How It Deskfirst Lifetime Deal Work?

Deskfirst enables you to establish project-specific online desktops, each with its own name, branding, storage restrictions, and sharing permissions.

All you have to do to use this platform is drag and drop your files like you would on a desktop thanks to its intuitive user interface, but it is entirely online and can be accessed right from your browser.

Furthermore, you can simultaneously upload your data across many folder windows using the built-in file explorer. Files can be dropped and dragged much like on a desktop.

To enable your colleagues and clients to access everything immediately from their browsers, you may share your online desktops by email.

To ensure that you always have control over your projects, Deskfirst even enables you establish granular permissions: Viewer, Editor, and Manager.

You can build view-only links for easy access, allowing users to open crucial files without having editing privileges.

At Last

Utilize the media player and image gallery built-in to view photographs and videos.

The complexity of projects is already high enough without cluttered file storage and continuous back and forth. Fortunately, Deskfirst offers configurable, online desktops that enable file sharing, project organization, and collaboration with anyone.

Simplify the sharing and administration of your files.

Deskfirst Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($119)Tier 3 ($199)
40 web desktops per user100 web desktops per userUnlimited web desktops per user
100 GB Storage1 TB (200 GB per user)2.5 TB (250 GB per user) 
1 user5 users10 users

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