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Improve your SEO Content technique with competitive keyword tracking. Without having a strong content strategy sharing content is worthless because you are promoting your business online with no plans. Search ranking is very important to run a business online successfully but before this you need you must be knowledgeable about everything, including web architecture and keyword strategy.

DinoRANK is the application that is fully packed with advanced SEO features that will be helpful to you to manage every step of your SEO strategy. Manage every aspect of your SEO campaign with tools like competitor research, internal linking, and keyword tracking. To improve content and draw traffic from related queries, find semantically similar keywords.

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DinoRANK Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What DinoRANK Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Get a ball graph of your site’s architecture based on internal links by using the internal linking. Additionally, DinoRANK allows you to pinpoint the keywords that are improving your competitors’ rankings and use them into your own content.

Determine the keywords that are semantically similar so you may develop content that draws users from related searches. Even more, you’ll be able to monitor how frequently your rivals use semantically relevant keywords.

Additionally, if you want to optimize your content, simply copy the content organization used by your rivals who are ranked in the top 10 search results. Use semantically related keywords in your content to get more relevant traffic.

Based on keyword prominence, you can monitor the position of your domain or the domains of your rivals. To identify keywords that could drive you to the top of search results, simply input the domain you wish to analyse and the country or region it is located in.

Analyze the rankings of your competitors and compare them with your own performance to identify areas where your website can be improved. Check the SEO errors in your website and correct them with the help of this tool.

How It DinoRANK Lifetime Deal Work?

DinoRank allows you to track keyword prominence and internal links to keep an eye on your ranking in search engine results which is every important in SEO. You can also get all the details regarding the estimated site traffic and high-potential keywords for your domain or any of your competitors’ domains 

Monitor the keyword performance of your competitors to modify your SEO approach and outrank them in the SERPs. You can monitor the position of your keywords to keep improving your SEO keyword strategy.

To see how your pages are interconnected, DinoRANK allows users to create a thorough ball graph of all your internal links. To improve your internal linking strategy, use the graph to determine click depth, internal page rank, and status. Furthermore, you can evaluate the architecture of your website to determine whether or not your pages are simple for Google to index.


To produce more material that is SEO-optimized, track the keyword strength of competitors. With DinoRANK’s SEO platform, you can use to all the tools you need to improve your search engine ranking, including competitor research, keyword analysis, and content optimization.

Create the best content strategy to beat your competitors. 

DinoRANK Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($139) Tier 3 ($239)
All features above includedAll features above included All features above included
300 keywords to track (daily)650 keywords to track (daily)1,500 keywords to track (daily)
20 domain tracking45 domain tracking100 domain tracking

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