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Using spreadsheets and calculators to track your marketing expenditure across many logins feels like homework right out of a college horror story. It is difficult to concentrate on marketing strategy when you are consumed with concerns about making the wrong or excessive purchases.

What if rollover tracking, personalized budget cycles, and cross-channel overrun control could all be automated into your budget pacing process? Utilize a single platform to manage Facebook, Microsoft, and Google ads.

View a current, automatic budget pace for each client in tabular and graph style. EDEE is a software for managing digital marketing budgets that assists you in creating personalized budget cycles and tracking paid advertising campaigns.

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EDEE Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What EDEE Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Custom budgets can be grouped together according to the platform or data source. With EDEE, you may create monthly budgets that start on any day of the month as opposed to the first of the month. You can monitor rollover amounts and have the following budget cycle automatically updated, regardless of how much you spend or do not spend.

Additionally, you will be able to examine client and budgetary data via tables and graphs to have a comprehensive understanding of your financial situation. See client and budget data in table and graph forms to quickly identify anomalies.

EDEE integrates with various platforms, including Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, allowing you to conveniently manage all of your ad budgets from one place. Make several budgets for each advertising account in order to keep the financial data for branded and non-branded PPC campaigns apart.

In addition, you can split down specific budget pacing and performance statistics and organize campaigns according to your own preferences.

How It EDEE Lifetime Deal Work?

It is easy to get started with EDEE: just connect your data source for advertising campaigns, and then choose your clients and budget. You will receive a summary of each client or budget in table and graph form after you are all set up.

Platform and email notifications are sent by the application to help you stay within your budget and make necessary adjustments as circumstances change. Using an intuitive interface, get a summary of various clients and budgets.

Creating a one-time or recurring budget based on a predetermined time frame is simple with EDEE’s monthly and bespoke budget cycles, which integrate with your operations. You can create bespoke repeating cycles with fixed periods depending on days, weeks, or months if you have a regular budget for advertising expenditures.

To help you keep organized, EDEE can even classify bespoke budgets according to the data source, making sure you’re allocating the appropriate amount of money to each platform.

At Last

Easily manage your budget by integrating your Facebook, Microsoft, and Google ads onto a single platform.

You can stop manually balancing your ad budget like a chequebook and juggle platforms. With automated budget pacing and reports for each client across channels, EDEE streamlines budget management.

Invest time in campaigns for marketing, not in budgets.

EDEE Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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$25,000 monthly ad spend

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$250,000 monthly ad spend
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