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With Everest Backup, the powerful plugin that transforms website administration with cutting-edge backup, restoration, migration, and cloning capabilities, you may find the ideal defense for your WordPress websites.

Users can simply backup their WordPress websites to the cloud with Everest Backup, guaranteeing that their important data is safeguarded and is simple to restore in case of unforeseen circumstances. No matter what happens Everest Backup makes sure your data is secure, retrievable, and portable. 

Simplify WordPress Backup: With Everest Backup’s user-friendly plugin, you can speed up website backup, migration, and cloning. Integrating the cloud seamlessly: Sync with well-known cloud storage services for secure and effective data management

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Everest Backup Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Everest Backup Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With Everest Backup Pro addons, access more sophisticated reporting features. Receive alerts via customised email addresses for successful and unsuccessful backups. Take advantage of flexible automatic scheduling options to precisely adjust your backup frequency, down to hourly combinations.

Ensure flawless backups prior to upgrades to the WordPress core, plugins, or themes with our cutting-edge auto-trigger backup tool. With cloud integration and improved notifications, improve backups. Safeguard WooCommerce orders and reduce backup size.

With Cloud Integration, you can improve your backup strategy while enabling remote storage and smooth disaster recovery. To protect your data, pick from a choice of cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, Backblaze, and Amazon S3.

Improved notifications provide quick updates on the tasks you have scheduled right in your WordPress Dashboard, keeping you informed. With automatic database backups triggered upon successful WooCommerce orders, WooCommerce stores can guarantee the security of their customers’ orders. Unused media files and thumbnails can be removed to reduce the size of your backup by cleaning out unneeded clutter.

How It Everest Backup Lifetime Deal Work?

Utilise the integrated solutions from Everest Backup to smoothly transfer, clone, and recover websites. Users may easily move their websites to different servers or domains with just one click thanks to the seamless integration of Everest Backup with well-liked cloud backup storage services.

Powerful cloning capabilities are added to this streamlined migration procedure to enable precise clones for testing and development. With the help of integrated Google Drive backups and secure cloud backups, Everest Backup promises a 100% restore rate. With Everest Backup, you can experience the simplicity of robust backup and recovery solutions.

Affordable, effective, and powerful backup and recovery options. The WordPress plugin Everest Backup provides simplicity by enabling quick configuration with just a few clicks, negating the need for coding expertise.

Discover a variety of backup options, including automated, scheduled, and manual backups. Recover your data from nearby servers or integrated cloud services, and move your website seamlessly from one host to another.

Easily plan backups for every hour, every day, or every week to ensure automation before crucial updates or WooCommerce orders. With Everest Backup, backup complications are a thing of the past.

At Last

Improve the maintenance of your WordPress website with Everest Backup’s comprehensive and simple solutions. To protect your online presence, secure your data, simplify backups, and take use of cutting-edge capabilities.

Start using Everest Backup right away to enjoy simple backup and recovery.

Everest Backup Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
Unlimited uploads, rollback file sizeUnlimited uploads, rollback file sizeUnlimited uploads, rollback file size
Advanced reportingAdvanced reportingAdvanced reporting

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