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Grainy food photos with the Valencia effect belong in the early 2000s, as does manually signing into every social media platform to upload material. You already have plenty on your plate as a social media manager or agency owner; you do not need to take on any more little jobs.

Are you prepared for a platform that enables weeks in advance scheduling and cross posting of material across several platforms? Use the single inbox to communicate with followers or possible partners, and monitor account-specific data. Using a mobile-friendly interface, schedule material for all of your social media accounts ahead of time.

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ExpediteSocial Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ExpediteSocial Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Plan all of your posts in a single content calendar that can be viewed in list mode or arranged by week or month. Collaborating in a group? This tool is ideal for agencies since it allows you to create teams with specific social account access.

Assign team members particular responsibilities such as content creation, scheduling, or management. In addition, you will be able to monitor post statuses, reviewers, and original creators using the post log and demand manager permission before posting. Assign your team members specific responsibilities and accounts.

ExpediteSocial provides account-specific metrics, including as views, retweets, and comments, directly from the analytics dashboard to help you meet your KPIs. Use the consolidated inbox to respond to direct messages and establish contact with possible partners. You only need to sign into one location to access all of the platforms! You may manage content anywhere you have an internet connection because the platform is even optimized for mobile users.

How It ExpediteSocial Lifetime Deal Work?

ExpediteSocial is an online social media planner that helps you grow all of your accounts using analytics and automation. You may link to all of your social media accounts with ExpediteSocial, including LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

You have the ability to cross-post on many platforms and alter the post with choices unique to each channel, such as tags, visibility, and title. Additionally, prior to scheduling, you will be able to preview your posts on each site to ensure that everything looks fantastic. Post material on several platforms simultaneously and preview it all in real time.

You may plan posts with ExpediteSocial up to several weeks in advance, giving you more time to observe emerging trends in content (like watching more TikToks). See every one of your posts in a single content calendar, arranged in list view or by week or month. You can use the tool to filter anything according to teams or individual accounts. Better yet, you can edit planned posts before they go live, in case you want to update your creativity or find any typos.

At Last

Use the consolidated inbox to communicate with followers and possible partners.

Keeping up with content should be simple, especially with all the new trends and algorithm changes. Fortunately, you can produce, post, and schedule content on all social media platforms weeks ahead of time with ExpediteSocial!

Take expert care of social media.

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