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Host interactive, real-time, dynamic virtual events with engagement analytics. Limited technology not only turns off attendees, but also makes it difficult to plan hybrid events with multiple moving parts.

Consider if there was a solution that made it simple and hassle-free to host original virtual and hybrid events. Create hybrid or virtual events and use real-time interactive features to make them come to life.

Many live sessions simultaneously while receiving comprehensive engagement metrics. ExpoSim is a complete event management platform with real-time interactive elements and user analytics for hosting virtual and hybrid events.

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ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Can Do?

ExpoSim makes organising large-scale events simple by allowing you to manage numerous live sessions at once. Offer thousands of people, over 100 exhibitors, up to 10 parallel tracks, and lifelike virtual experiences to all of them.

The best part is that you can hold hybrid events using an interactive mobile app that enables seamless communication between actual and virtual attendees. Present your goods and services in compelling virtual booths that are brimming with engaging tools like chat and live video conferencing.

Visitors can make appointments with exhibitors and pick up promotional items from booths, such as electronic brochures and fliers. As the event progresses, exhibitors can receive in-depth analytics on user activity at their booths so they can see what is and isn’t working with attendees.

How It ExpoSim Lifetime Deal Work?

Using a no-code tool like ExpoSim, you can quickly create one-of-a-kind virtual events by controlling everything from registration to design. View user information and engagement analytics directly from your dashboard to gain insight into the actions of visitors to particular events and booths.

A number of marketing and interactivity options, such as live notifications, polls, and video calling, can also be incorporated. You may totally alter the functionality of your events to meet the demands of your business with advanced end-to-end customization.

Create a unique, personalized experience by customizing your virtual venue’s appearance and feel, as well as the registration forms and reminder emails. A complete white-labeling solution with emails and domains will also enable you to emphasize brands.


Fortunately, ExpoSim provides you with all you need to manage dynamic virtual events and hybrid ones from a single platform.

Boost your events with ExpoSim Advanced features.

ExpoSim Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($99) Tier 2 ($199) Tier 3 ($299)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
1 admin seat2 admin seat5 admin seat
1,000 unique event attendees per month2,000 unique event attendees per month3,000 unique event attendees per month

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