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Avoid having your Google Ads budget drained by unintentional and malicious clicks. Unfortunately, all those false clicks are ruining the effectiveness of your ads and consuming all of your marketing budget.

Because of this, you require a strong fraud protection system to keep bots and dishonest gamers away from your adverts. Stop competitors, bots, and click farms from emptying your Google Ads budget with fake clicks.

To find and automatically ban bogus IP addresses, calculate your fraud score. With the use of the effective tool Fraud Blocker, you can stop bots, unintentional clicks, and other forms of fraud from ruining your Google Ads.

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Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal Can Do?

In order to begin banning fake IP addresses in real time, sign in to your Google Ads account. Despite the fact that accidental clicks aren’t necessarily malevolent, they can quickly deplete your ad revenue, especially on mobile.

Luckily, Fraud Blocker can track down visitors who unintentionally click on your advertisement and then leave your website. You can cease wasting your advertising budget on these misclicks because this activity will no longer count against you in the eyes of Google Ads.

You can even keep track of how much money you’ve saved with Fraud Blocker now that your Google Ads are protected from malicious clicks. Additionally, you have access to your average Fraud Scores, blocked IP addresses, and visitor information such as device, location, or recent clicks. The best part is that you will be able to surpass your toughest competitors and optimize ad expenditure across campaigns.

How It Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal Work?

Your real-time fraud score is calculated by Fraud Blocker using a special scoring algorithm that it has developed to assess website visitors. This rating aids in locating erroneous or invalid ad traffic sources, such as harmful bots or click farms.

You may continuously monitor excessive click frequency, false referral data, high IP address to device ID ratios, and a ton of other data points. Additionally, based on their IP addresses and device fingerprints, you can check the fraud scores for specific site visitors.

Create a Fraud Score for your Google Ads to help you spot erroneous or invalid traffic. With this application, you may prevent any malicious actors from slipping through the gaps by automatically blocking IP addresses that receive low scores.

These undesirable IP addresses will be immediately forwarded to each of your campaign’s exclusion lists by linking your Google Ads account. As a result, both systems are perfectly aware of how to stop your adverts from appearing around bots or scammers.


You can reliably manage Google Ads campaigns with Fraud Blocker and avoid losing any money due to fraudulent clicks.

Spend less on advertising.

Fraud Blocker Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($99)Tier 3($189)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
4,000 total ad clicks per month (across all domains)10,000 total ad clicks per month (across all domains)25,000 total ad clicks per month (across all domains)
1 domainsdomainsUnlimited domains

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