($49) GPT-trainer Lifetime Deal AppSumo

With GPT-trainer, you can use your own data to create a unique ChatGPT that is completely consistent with your brand. Without knowing any code, you can quickly set it up and integrate it into your website.

Allow it to take care of customer service, lead generation, inquiry response, user data collection, and giving you access to all chats and crucial analytics for your study.

Create a personalized AI assistant for yourself that can learn from your data to offer information. GPT-trainer provides you with detailed information about how users interact with your chatbot.

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GPT-trainer Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What GPT-trainer Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Increase revenue and customer loyalty with robust chatbot features. Obtain leads, reduce annoyance, set up webhooks, and incorporate your own user authentication. A wide range of capabilities are available in GPT-trainer to improve user experience and engagement.

Never pass up another lead! To make sure you can keep track of all following interactions and follow up as needed, set up a unique lead gathering form.

You may identify the precise exchanges in which your consumers expressed displeasure thanks to built-in automatic frustration recognition and mitigation. Avoid wasting time by not having to go through tens of thousands of chatbot Q&A exchanges by hand.

GPT-trainer’s built-in webhook support and APIs give you unmatched flexibility when it comes to integrating its features with the coding of your own application. The chatbot can even be configured to work in tandem with your own authentication process.

With domain-specific hosting and integration, GPT-trainer’s intelligent response system and customisable conversation options offer a smooth means to engage with consumers and get insightful data, all while preserving your brand’s distinct identity.

How It GPT-trainer Lifetime Deal Work?

Your website serves as your 24/7 salesperson, customer care agent, and brand ambassador in addition to being your online presence. GPT-trainer is able to assist:

  • Establish an instant connection with visitors to boost interaction and possible sales.
  • 24-hour assistance. Reduce attrition and increase the availability of customer service.
  • Obtain the contact details of the visitors. Never pass up another lead!
  • Save time and money by automating routine queries.
  • Utilize user interactions to get useful data that may be used to enhance your company plan and product design.

Using information from any online or offline source, train your chatbot. In what way might my data be used to train the chatbot? You can import data from Google Drive, upload data directly, provide direct text input to train your chatbot, or supply URLs for automated scraping (and frequent re-scraping).

In order to ensure that the chatbot responds appropriately going forward, review and edit chatbot responses as needed.

With the wide variety of data input techniques available, you can be sure that your chatbot is trained with the most recent and pertinent data, reducing the possibility of hallucinations and customising it to meet your needs.

At Last

Customize and brand chatbots to your preference. Impart individuality to your chatbot! Choose a profile picture, select a light or dark theme, and alter the text bubble styles to better reflect your business. Write a welcome message for the chatbot. Let it welcome users, help them, or give solutions from the outset.

Provide ‘fast response’ alternatives for commonly requested questions to streamline assistance, give users immediate answers, and lighten the strain on your team responding to queries.

The chatbot can be hosted entirely on your own domain and sold under your own brand thanks to the white-label GPT-trainer.

Join forces with us through our revenue-sharing, commercial resale, or affiliate programmes! Our experience encompasses working with departments inside larger organizations, boutique consulting businesses, and independent contractors.

GPT-trainer Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($159)Tier 3 ($379)
2,500 message credits per month8,000 message credits per month20,000 message credits per month
10 chatbots20 chatbots35 chatbots
3 GB storage8 GB storageUnlimited storage

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