($79) Gurucan Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Make, Promote, and sell online course with this mobile-first five-in-one platform. To create complete online courses and membership programs, may be you are paying so much for tools. Gurucan is a professionally build e-learning platform for your members and students who want to grow their skills.

You might be need different tool for different purposes like create checkout pages, one more to create a mobile app, and different one for webinars. You can make good online courses, challenges, or memberships for mobile and desktop.

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Gurucan Lifetime Deal Appsumo

How Does Gurucan Lifetime Deal Work?

Gurucan allows you to integrate your application with all the latest technology branded with iOS or Android mobile app that makes user friend engage everywhere. Lots of people daily check out content on their mobile devices so creating content on desktop doesn’t make any sense.

You can style your application the way you want with your brand logo to give a flawless branded experience to all users. Creating online course with Gurucan is so easy. This app allows you to make video lessons, scheduled challenges, training, and drip courses.

Using Gurucan’s responsive design, your couse look attractive and easy to navigate on both web and mobile apps. Keep your users busy with built-in quizzes, reports, and chats, and navigate their activity also encourage to finish that course and achieve their goal.

What Gurucan Can Do?

Gurucan has significant email and push notification broadcasting tools set up into the tool. It allows you to automatically send emails and push notifications place your marketing on autopilot. You can also tag users to segment them based on dozens of triggers and actions, to make it easy to create targeted email and push notification campaigns.

If you are community builder, fitness trainer, marketer, lifestyle blogger, artist, finance coach, or aspiring trick shot pro, then you can easily craft and monetize membership programs. From one single dashboard you can manage subscriptions, create group chats, set up challenges, publish a knowledge base, and a lot more.

You can also custom make membership choice as you build multiple pricing plans for different tiers of content and run free trials. You will receive online payment for your subscription packages through PayPal and Stripe.

You can also use integration for well-liked apps like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, SendGrid, and ClickFunnels. You can also use tools that you are using already.

Conclusion : Launch your own online branding course in easy way. Create, customize, and monetize your online program with Gurucan. Hope you get all the information regarding Gurucan app. Share this article with your connections.

Gurucan Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($158) Tier 3 ($237)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
125 GB bandwidth500 GB bandwidth1.25 TB bandwidth
1,000 marketing emails per month4,000 marketing emails per month10,000 marketing emails per month

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