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GurujiRoxapp is an online fantasy cricket app. This is an Indian Sports App through which you can take advantage of your cricket knowledge and make your team, and make predictions on the performance of the players. If your prediction is correct then you get real-time cash.

GurujiRox is India’s best Fantasy Sports platform in present times, if you have good knowledge of cricket games, then you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home by participating in the GurujiRox game.

Fantasy sport is growing rapidly in India and it is the preferred choice of many to earn money online at home. New Fantasy Apps are getting popular very easily in the market. Take a look at some of the best and low competition sports fantasy apps.

How to Downoad Gurujirox App?

If you want to earn money from Gurujirox, then you have to first download Gurujirox from the official site of Gurujirox. If you want, you can also download the app by clicking on the download button below.

Apk (Android)GurujiRox Apk Download
GurujiRox Referral CodeHARSULZS3
Instant WithdrawalYes, Available
Signup Bonus100Rs
Contact Number7665291291
Minimum Withdrawal200Rs
Withdrawal ModeBank Only.

How to Register on GurujiRox App

Step 1:- After downloading the GurujiRox App, you have to click on the register, and then create an account by verifying the phone number and email id on the same.

Step 2:- After creating an account on GurujiRox App, some bonus points will be added to your account immediately, which you can use while playing fantasy games on this app.

Step 3:- After creating an account on GurujiRox App, you will get sign-up credit that will be added to your account immediately, which you can use while playing fantasy games on this app.

Step 4:- To earn money, you have to open the app, then you will get to see a lot of matches, you have to click on any match you want to participate in.

Step 5:- After clicking on the match, you have to select the team, which team you think will win. Once you’ve selected the team, you’ll also need to select the player.

Step 6:- After that, you have to click on Join Contest, and then you will have to pay the contest money, you can give the money of Fantasy Game Contest through Paytm or UPI ID.

Step 7:- After joining the contest, if your team and players rank well in the match, then you will win money.

GurujiRox Referral Code | Benefits

On the Gurujirox app, you can earn good money not only by playing Fantasy games but also by inviting your friends with the help of Refer & Earn, many times. Here you get a referral bonus of up to 100 rs credit for inviting friends. 

  • Step 1:- First of all, you have to open the app.
  • Step 2:- After that, you have to click on the Refer & Earn option.
  • Step 3:- After clicking on Refer & Earn option, you can see our referral link and code.

After getting the referral link, you have to share that link with your friends, and when the friend downloads any app from our referral link then you will get the cash bonus and your friend will get a 100 Rs sign-up bonus which can be used to play fantasy game.

How To Create Team & Join Matches

Before making our team in GurujiRox, you should get well informed about the ground, how is the ground, will this ground be good for batting or for bowling and accordingly set up your team.

  • Wicket keeper: When you start making your team, first of all you will have to choose one wicket keeper from both the teams, you can make one of these two teams as your wish.
  • To prepare your team after Batsman, you have to select three or 5 batsmen, you can select the best batsman from both the teams.
  • You have to select one or 3 all-rounders in their team.
  • Bowling – For bowling, you have to choose at least three or maximum five players in your team, you can include the best bowling in both the teams in your team.
  • When you make such a team, after that you have to choose the captain and the voice captain from among the players, if the captain plays well, then you will earn well, keep in mind, choose the captain well.

Point system in GurujiRox app 

There are different Points are available in GurujiRox for all activities Fielding, Bowling, Strike Rate, Economy Rate, Batting have different Points Rate.

  • If your batsman scores a run, he gets 0.5 points.
  • If the bowler takes a wicket, he gets 10 points.
  • If one of your players catches, he gets 4 points.
  • For hitting a four, you get 0.5 points.
  • Hitting a six gets 1 point.
  • A maiden over gets 4 points in T20 and 2 points in OID.
  • If your player catches the catch, he gets 4 points.
  • If your player completes Half Century i.e. 50 runs, then he gets 4 Points.

Tips To Win In GurujiRox App

To win in GurujiRox, first, you have to make a good team, as discusses above how you can create a good team and win the contest in GurujiRox.

1. Before selecting the players of the GurujiRox team, see the record of performance in their previous match and then select your team.

2. Before selecting your team, keep eye on every news related to that match. And not select such players, who are not in that match.

3. Before the match starts, it must be seen which player is in the team. If it is not, then you can change it.

4. Do your research thoroughly before selecting the captain and vice-captain of your team, because this is what makes you the winner of the game.

How To Withdraw Winning Amount From GurujiRox 

If you want to transfer the winning amount to your bank account, you must have a bank account and PAN card, as well as your email ID and mobile number must be verified in your GurujiRox account, only after that, you can transfer money to your bank account.

You can get your account verified by entering your Account No, IFSC Code in the Profile Setting of your GurujiRox app. 


Hope you have liked this information About GurujiRox, If you have any query or suggestion related to this post, then you can let us know in the comment box below.

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