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Create dynamic digital sales rooms with a lot of features to complete deals quickly. It seems more difficult than ever to engage prospects and guide them through the buyer’s journey in the age of remote work.

With Heybase you can create online hubs where leads could access sales collateral like presentations and customized videos whenever they wanted. Using the drag-and-drop editor, create virtual sales rooms with contracts, videos, payment connections, and more.

Track engagement data, such as opens and comments, and receive email alerts when prospects take new actions. You can create virtual sales rooms with interactive elements like videos and calendar links using Heybase, helping you complete more offers quickly.

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Heybase Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Heybase Lifetime Deal Can Do?

From the main dashboard, keep an eye on any activity in your virtual sales room. Delete your lengthy email chains now! In the sales room, your prospects can submit questions and remarks.

You can set up email notifications to monitor correspondence and reply as soon as you can. In order to ensure that someone is always available to advance the transaction, Heybase also allows you to add numerous team members to a sales room.

Heybase will email you and alert you when there are new remarks or inquiries. You have access to the real-time activity log, which allows you to keep tabs on all of your active sales’ engagement and performance.

You may get real-time statistics like activity timestamps, comments, and time spent in the room from there. In addition, Heybase delivers predictive insights to identify prospects that require additional attention and those that are more likely to close.

How It Heybase Lifetime Deal Work?

You may create virtual sales rooms with Heybase’s drag-and-drop editor so you can present to prospects whenever and wherever you like. You may incorporate contracts, calendars, proposals, payment links, and more by choosing from more than a dozen embed blocks.

To add a human touch to your sales room, such as a tailored welcome greeting, you can record and embed videos. Even smart sales decks that clinch deals, virtual deal rooms, and proposal microsites will be available for sharing.

To your sales room, you may quickly add components like proposals, calendars, and payment links. Heybase will generate a shareable link once everything is prepared so you can send it directly to your prospects.

The best part is that receivers can enter a sales room straight immediately without having to create an account. Additionally, the primary dashboard will allow you to monitor user activity, such as new opens, comments, or activities.


Fortunately, Heybase enables you to create virtual sales rooms with customised content and real-time data to close more deals. door-to-door sales shouldn’t be necessary to expand your company.

Increase sales anywhere.

Heybase Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($179)
All features above includedAll features above included
5 internal users (team members)20 internal users (team members)
50 active rooms
Unlimited active rooms

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