($149) Inventory Source Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Automatically generate products, sync inventory, and forward orders for your online store. Make all your ecommerce tools lined up can feel you like different people misfit in a team. Inventory Source is a tool that automates your product creation and order management process.

No matters if you have all technology, but the process of manually creating products, updating inventory, and routing orders can take a lot of time. But Inventory Source makes it very smooth and easy.

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 Inventory Source Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What does Inventory Source Can Do?

Using Inventory Source, you can easily manage and customize product details, product catalog, and pricing in bulk through app. Make Catalog rules to accordingly adjust the prices that best for your business model and pricing strategy.

You can also use catalog rules to automatically adjust your products to the categories that line up with your store’s category formation. You can also automatize the order management process with your integrated distributor.

This kind of automation is crafted to directly place orders inside your dropship supplier’s order management system and then it generates shipment tracking information. And the best thing is that, Inventory Source forward the shipment tracking information back to your sales channels to keep your customers updated with their orders.

How does Inventory Source Lifetime Deal Works?

Basically, Inventory Source is a supplier directory and dropship automation software that automatically upload products, syncs inventory, and routes orders.  This software allows you to make product listings on your website automatically based on your supplier’s data.

You can locate your dropship supplier in the program’s directory with 230 integrated suppliers. Also its easy to conduct images, titles, descriptions, and more into your current online store or marketplace platform, like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Walmart.

Rather than Updating product manually, Inventory Source manage work of automating inventory and prices throughout the day. Your sales channels and online store will be up to date with all fresh information, you can make sure your inventory and pricing are always right.

You can also adjust minimum quantity filter to keep steer clear of by chance selling out of stock products, and manage how you want to view these inactive products in the Catalog Manager. The Catalog Manager dashboard allows you to search for products, customize product data, and make bulk changes.


You can track every order status right from the Order Management dashboard. Make changes smoothly and manually update your inventory. This application allows you to automate product creation, inventory updates, and order management directly with your dropship supplier.

Save tons of time and avoid mistakes in your order management.

Inventory Source Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($149)
50,000 SKU limit
2 daily syncs
1 Integration (i.e., 1 supplier to 1 sales channel connect)

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