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Your online business needs reviews to build trust with consumers, but it’s hard to find and keep enough to meet demand. That’s where JustReview comes in. 

It lets you collect reviews from over 20 online platforms in one place so you can embed them on your site to build trust and boost conversions. You can also customize the content to fit your brand and target audience, and share your reviews across social media to get more exposure and build your audience.

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JustReview Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What JustReview Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Build your online reputation and improve your site’s rankings with JustReview, it is an award-winning review platform that aggregates reviews from over 20 online platforms.

JustReview powers from small businesses to large corporations to capture the best online reviews and turn them into an engaging, personal experience for your customers. 

JustReview is designed to help businesses build a deeper connection with their customers and generate more sales. By collecting reviews from multiple platforms and embedding them on your site, you build a longer, more in-depth review that conveys your high level of commitment to quality and service.

The reviews you collect from Just Review are embedded on your site so your visitors can get a firsthand account of your services and experience. This not only helps you build trust with your audience, but also helps you achieve higher search rankings and build a more compelling brand identity.

It’s easy to collect reviews of your business from 24 different sources across the web and display them hassle-free on your site with JustReview.

How It JustReview Lifetime Deal Work?

Your business needs more reviews. Maybe you’re trying to build a reputation as a local business, or you need to improve your digital presence for a certain audience. Whatever the case, having more reviews can help build trust and increase conversions. But it’s hard to get them without leaving your digital footprint.

With JustReview you can pull reviews from all the accounts you want, sort them by factors like rating, date, or length, and even filter them by language.

The system will allow you to pull reviews directly from ecommerce websites like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Google Shopping

With JustReview, you can also boost traffic to brick-and-mortar properties with social media and location-based apps like Facebook, Google Maps, and Yelp.

You can also connect with Product Hunt, Capterra, and Sitejabber for software reviews. With JustReview Badge widget, you can display ratings from multiple platforms as a static icon that stays on the page even when users scroll down.

Additionally, JustReview will help you boost clickthrough rates in organic search and build trust with customers before they even visit your site. Using the Google Rich Snippets Data integrations, you can display aggregate star ratings below your search results.

The best thing about JustReview is that it doesn’t simply collect reviews from other sources. You can also let users submit reviews directly on your website, which makes it unique in its class.


Hope you got all the details about JustReview If you have any query or doubt you can ask in the comment box.

JustReview Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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