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Benefit from royalty-free music and sound effects while maintaining complete copyright protection. Unfortunately, you’re forced to use the same music and sound effects throughout your material in an effort to prevent unexpected monetization removal.

Keyframe Audio could access more than 100,000 SFX and tracks without ever having to worry about copyright disputes. Access more than 100,000 premium, free of charge sounds for podcasts, videos, and other media.

Get a platform-agnostic universal-sync licence to shield your digital work from copyright claims. You can make money off of royalty-free music and sound effects on any platform by using Keyframe Audio’s music licencing service.

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Keyframe Audio Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What Keyframe Audio Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Along with fantastic sound effects, you may find over 50,000 songs in various genres and moods. In order to help you find what you’re looking for quickly, Keyframe Audio also provides a range of playlists that have been skillfully crafted.

Want to play your buddies some wicked music? Any of the tracks can be instantly shared through link, email, or social media. The best feature of Keyframe Audio is how simple the clearance dashboard makes it to manage your own copyright claims.

If you’re uploading to YouTube, you can keep going worry-free by syncing your channel with Keyframe Audio. Additionally, you may easily erase any copyright claims made against your material by entering the relevant URL into your account.

How It Keyframe Audio Lifetime Deal Work?

You have access to over 100,000 royalty-free tracks, cues, and SFX for your digital content thanks to Keyframe Audio. You can locate the precise sound that fits your style from professional-grade foley to some of Hollywood’s most prolific composers.

The best part is that our music licencing service safeguards your work from copyright disputes, ensuring that you never lose money. Over 50,000 sound effects, including laser sounds, crackling fires, and foley, are included in their enormous SFX database.

The exact sound that will improve your YouTube material, true crime podcast, or broadcasts can thus be found. And because Keyframe Audio provides a universal-sync licence, you can completely relax about monetizing everything.


Because of this, Keyframe Audio provides you with a single, all-platforms licence that shields you from copyright claims and makes your content sound fantastic.

Play some music with Keyframe Audio.

Keyframe Audio Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)
Unlimited royalty-free music downloads
Unlimited sound effect downloads
Universal license

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