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Viral freebies can expand your audience while lowering marketing expenses. Yet, after all your attempts, you still haven’t discovered the perfect tools to expand your audience without overextending yourself. If only there existed a pressure free, simple-to-use platform for viral giveaways that helped you get more leads.

With viral giveaways you can tailor and embed anywhere, you can increase your audience and reward brand involvement. Utilize API integrations to gather and arrange your leads’ emails into a user-friendly system. You can organize viral giveaways with KingSumo that increase leads, recognize brand engagement, and expand your audience.

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KingSumo Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What KingSumo Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Use a simple widget code to embed giveaways anywhere to increase traffic to your giveaways. You can track in-depth data on conversion rates as you collect leads, gather participant contact information, and determine the source of traffic.

Additionally, you’ll receive thorough statistics that allow you to track giveaway conversion rates and know where entrants are coming from. You can email leads directly from your email service provider or spreadsheet thanks to integrations with programmers like Zapier and MailChimp.

Additionally, you will have access to a fully functional API that you can use to share lead information with all of your preferred tools. The best part is that KingSumo gives you the flexibility you need to design unique freebies that abide by GDPR.

Support for more than 20 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Danish, will draw in a larger audience. Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to notify participants with automated, mid-giveaway, and final 24-hour reminders.

How It KingSumo Lifetime Deal Work?

You can quickly create and publish an endless number of viral giveaways with KingSumo’s user-friendly editor in no time. Set the period and number of winners, then write a brief description of your contest to get things going.

Offering physical and digital commodities will be possible, whether they are your own products, those of a client, or those of a partner. Add some flavor by offering many prize possibilities, such as one major award or several minor prizes.

Create your unique giveaway delivering tangible or intangible goods in a flash. KingSumo gives participants the option to share giveaways with connections in exchange for bonus entries, which raises awareness of your company.

You can even specify unique actions for potential customers and competitors to complete in order to generate more leads for your company. You might give extra entries to people who visit your website or follow you on social media, for instance.


With gifts that are GDPR compliant and offered in more than 20 languages, expand your audience. You may start and manage viral giveaways that quickly expand your audience with the help of KingSumo.

Increase email signups with interesting offers with KingSumo.

KingSumo Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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Embed on any website—including WordPress, Squarespace, and more
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