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Using a WordPress plugin, create and market interactive online courses. Finding support materials online and spending hours watching YouTube videos doesn’t make using a challenging course builder any simpler.

MasterStudy LMS could create an online course without ever leaving WordPress, complete with tests, diplomas, and even a mobile app. Create and promote courses that include lectures, streams, tests, and assignments.

A specially designed mobile app will enable your students to access their courses on the go. A learning management system (LMS) called MasterStudy LMS enables you to create and market courses on your WordPress website.

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MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Use a point system to reward pupils for finishing each class or assignment to keep them engaged. You can provide certificates to new graduates as evidence of their expertise and knowledge once they complete your course.

Simply create unique certificates that match your brand and look fantastic on a wall using the built-in certificate maker. You may use Flutter to create a mobile app for your course with the MasterStudy LMS. Just adhere to the offered step-by-step instructions and files.

You may reach a wider student market by developing your mobile app for both Android and iOS. Additionally, any changes made to your website will be automatically synced with the app, keeping the information in your course up to date.

How It MasterStudy LMS Lifetime Deal Work?

Without any technical complexity, MasterStudy LMS offers all the features of a powerful course designer right to your WordPress website. With the help of the front-end and back-end course builders, you can create interesting courses with lessons, tests, and assignments.

Additionally, you can use this plugin to create course product pages with vital details like curriculum, instructor biographies, costs, and frequently asked questions. Five alternative instructional formats will be available to you: text, video, slideshow, live broadcasts, and Zoom conferences.

With eight different question types, including multiple choice, true or false, and fill in the blank, you may spice up your course with quizzes. For visual learning or language classes, the MasterStudy LMS offers two distinct question types: picture matching and image choice. You may also include assignments in your course that ask students to upload files or submit essays via the site.


The good news is that using your personal WordPress website and customized mobile app, MasterStudy LMS makes it simple to design and sell courses.

Command the school using MasterStudy LMS.

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