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Putting a lead on the wrong call with the wrong person can ruin a transaction faster than anything else.You need a mechanism to categorise all of your leads and move them through your sales funnel if you want to make the most of your CRM.

Consider the possibilities if there were a HubSpot and Salesforce booking solution that could automate lead routing and quickly pair your most qualified prospects with the appropriate rep. With only one click, distribute leads throughout your team equally or direct them towards top achievers.

Improve your speed to lead by adding lead routing capability to HubSpot and Salesforce. Meetzy assists sales teams in qualifying, allocating, and scheduling meetings at scale between inbound leads and the appropriate sales professionals.

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Meetzy Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Meetzy Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Identify and rank qualified leads according to the way they complete your forms. Qualified leads can be directed to a page on your website where they can book a call with one of your selected salespeople.

Also Meetzy can drive unqualified leads to a personalised message that will eliminate them from your sales funnel. Your team will be able to significantly increase your speed-to-lead times and conversion rate because you will only be scheduling sales conversations with quality leads.

 Approved referrals are taken immediately to a meeting booking page. The best part is that you can connect Meetzy using Google Tag Manager or your website header, offering strong routing functionality throughout your website.

From your dashboard, you can see statistics like traffic, leads, bookings, and average conversion rates. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about losing sales due to a human error because you can identify and fix any setup problems.

How It Meetzy Lifetime Deal Work?

Meetzy enables you to connect your Hubspot or Salesforce CRM in just a few clicks to build up quicker lead routing to your team. You do not need to start from scratch because this platform can automatically pull all the lead forms from your CRM.

Additionally, it may bring in team members who have accounts on your CRM, providing you everything you need to quickly convert leads. Make use of intelligent lead routing to increase your speed to lead.

Meetzy makes it simple to set up routing rules based on form responses so you can give your best leads the highest priority. Any eligible lead can be distributed across several reps by selecting them from the drop-down menu. Utilize CRM performance or round-robin to distribute leads fairly or direct them towards your top closers.

At Last

View your performance from a high perspective on the main dashboard.

Your upcoming quarter is going to be amazing thanks to effective lead routing.By enabling you to always present qualified leads to the appropriate sales representative, Meetzy helps you advance your Hubspot or Salesforce CRM.

More leads are closed in record time.

Meetzy Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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