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Have you ever wished you could have automated the sales process a bit more? Maybe you’ve wanted to send a series of hyper-personalized video Cold Emails to customers who haven’t bought from you in a while. Or maybe you’ve wanted to set up complex drip campaigns that automate the sales funnel, sending leads down at just the right moment. Murlist can help you build smarter lead generation, nurture campaigns, and automation tools that help you close more sales.

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murlist lifetime deal

About Murlist Lifetime Deal

Murlist is a personalized video email outreach tool that helps you make a great first impression with potential leads by using video to connect emotionally. 

You can use it to send one-on-one video emails to your most promising leads, or use the automated email builder to craft personalized messages for groups or entire companies. 

With just a few clicks, you can create professional-quality videos and use the powerful email template system to craft the perfect message. When you use Murlist, you’ll spend less time building your list and more time connecting with your customers and prospects.

How Murlist Lifetime Deal Works?

Murlist empowers email marketers to make personalized video emails. Instead of reading a standard email, recipients get to watch a short video that showcases your company and what it can do for them. It’s a great way to captivate and retain their interest, and it’s much more personal than a normal email would be. It’s the perfect way to start a conversation and build a relationship with your leads.

Murlist allows you to easily manage your email addresses, so you don’t need to worry about whether the email inbox you’re sending to is being blocked. It’s so easy to send emails with Murlist because you don’t have to worry about your email ending up in a spam folder or having your messages be blocked by filters.  

You can send emails at rates of 10-200 emails per hour.  You can easily create emails that are unique.  There are no limits on the subject matter or the number of recipients.

You can build your email lists, design emails, and launch emails without worrying about your mailbox reputation. Build a list of addresses from a variety of sources, like social media and website registrations, then use our powerful automation platform to design and send emails to your list. When you’re ready, clean up your mailbox and launch

You can verify emails in MurList by uploading a CSV or Excel file of emails. MurList will process the emails in the list and identify whether they’ve been replied to, are spam or have some other status. MurList will also show you which emails have been verified and which ones are left to process in the results section of the page.

Murlist can automatically send a follow-up email a few minutes later with a personalized message designed to move them closer to a purchase. Which saves your time

If you’re a small business owner, sales team member, or marketing professional, Murli helps you build relationships with your customers by sending personalized emails that don’t end up in spam folders.

Conclusion: Hope you have got all the details of Murlist. If you have any queries you can ask in the comment box.

Murlist Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($79) Tier 2 ($158) Tier 3 ($237)
1 workspace(s): independent of Murlist instances workspace(s): independent of Murlist instances 15 workspace(s): independent of Murlist instances
2,000 credits per month30,000 credits per month500,000 credits per month
5,000 video and image emails per month25,000 video and image emails per month100,000 video and image emails per month

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