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MyTeam11 fantasy app is a well-known fantasy sports platform where you can play cricket, kabaddi, football, volleyball, basketball & many other sports. Along with play, you can earn a big amount as well. And it is totally safe to download and play. 

How To Install & Register On MyTeam11 App?

It is a very simple and quick process to download and install this fantastic platform. But if you are facing some issues then here are some steps you can follow to download the MyTeam11 app

  • First of all, download the MyTeam11 APK file from above given link. 
  • Open your Download section in your device.
  • Hit on the Install Button.
  • Open the app and allow third party permission to install the application.
  • Within a second’s register Page will be open.
  • Enter the required details like Name, Address, Age, Location etc.
  • Select Language, Enter mobile number for quick signup
  • Enter this “QQPZ4WZEMG” My Team11 referral code to receive the welcome bonus.
  • After entering all the details click on the submit button.
  • Then Verify your contact number through received OTP.
  • At last, your account is all set to play and earn unlimited money online.

MyTeam11 Referral Code

Earn lots of bonus amounts by inviting your friends on MyTeam11 by using the exclusive referral code “QQPZ4WZEMG” and get up to 1000Rs refer bonus per friend. For every referral, whenever he/she deposits any amount you will be rewarded with 5% cash in your unutilized balance.

The cashback is limited to 1000Rs per referral which is great, by this way you can earn free money to join various paid leagues and can multiply the bonus into winnings.

  • Get 50rs signup bonus whenever your friend verifies Pan card.
  • 5% reward for the deposit made by your friend.
  • Maximum reward is capped to 1,000 Rs per friend.

How To Get Your MyTeam11 Referral Code?

  • Open your Profile Section on MyTeam11.
  • Click on Refer Your Friends Section.
  • There you will get a Unique code with a link.
  • Share this code to your friends and Family. 

How to Play Fantasy Sports On MyTeam11 App?

By Using My team11 you can earn money just by playing games like cricket, football, kabaddi. In this, you can win money by creating your own team. If you are crazy about cricket, and you have knowledge about cricket then you can easily earn money.

In this way, you can also make a team for football, kabaddi. But more cricket is played here. You can check the given steps to play fantasy cricket on MyTeam11

In the MyTeam11 app, You can play various sports like Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Handball, Baseball along with Quiz. Like Cricket, Football is the most preferred and flooded fantasy choice but you can win easy profits by joining Baseball and Basketball teams with little search and experience.


You can join the contest leagues by using the bonus available in your account can with the entry fee. If you do not want to join the contest now or do not have money in your MyTeam11 wallet, then you can also join the practice match that is absolutely free.

Now the match you have selected, as soon as that match starts, then your rank increases and decreases according to the performance of the players of your team.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket Leagues?

For that, only one team has to be formed in which batsman, bowler, all-rounder, and one wicket-keeper have to be selected.

  • First of all you have to download the MyTeam11 apk and register on the same.
  • After that you have to select your MyTeam11 team. In this,
    • 1 wicket keeper
    • 3-5 Batsmen
    • 1-3 all-rounders
    • 3-5 Bowlers can be selected.
  • For this you are given 100 points, to select any 11 players.
  • After selecting your My11 team, you have to select a captain and vice-captain.
  • The point gets double of the one you select as captain and the voice captain increases 1.5 times.
  • After that, the list of joining the contest leagues will appear on the screen.
  • Join the contest with the amount of money you want to join.

How To Play Fantasy Football Leagues?

For that, only one team has to be formed in which Forward, Mid-fielder, Defenders, Goal Keeper is to be taken.

  • Select “Football” from the top menu.
  • Pick any upcoming match
  • After that you have to select your MyTeam11 team. In this,
    • 1 Goal keeper
    • 3-5 Defender
    • 3-5 Mid fielders
    • 1-3 Forward.
  • For this you are given 100 points, to select any 11 players.
  • After selecting your My11 team, you have to select a captain and vice-captain.

How To Play Fantasy Basketball Leagues?

In, Basketball you will have to pick (Point guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, Center).

  • Select “Basketball” from top menu.
  • Choose any upcoming basketball match.
    • 1-4 Point Guard
    • 1-4 Shooting Guard
    • 1-4 Small Forward
    • 1-4 Power forward
    • 1-4 Center
  • For this you are given 100 points, to select 8 players.
  • You can pick maximum 8 players from both the teams.

How To Play Fantasy Kabaddi Leagues?

In Kabaddi, You’ve to pick (Defenders, Raiders, All Rounders).

  • Choose “Kabaddi” From top menu.
  • After that you have to select your MyTeam11 team. In this,
    • 1-3 Raiders
    • 1-2 All rounders
    • 2-4 Defenders
  • For this you are given 100 points, to select 7 players.
  • You can select upto 5 players from single team.

How To Play Fantasy Volleyball Leagues?

Volleyball Fantasy includes players named as (Libro, Setter, Blocker, Attacker, Universal)

  • Select Volleyball from the top menu
  • After that you have to select your MyTeam11 team. In this,
    • 1 libro
    • 1-2 Setter
    • 1-2 Blocker
    • 1-2 Attacker
    • 1-2 Universal
  • For this you are given 100 points, to select any 6 players.
  • You can pick maximum 4 players from one team.

How To Play Fantasy Handball Leagues?

  • Select “Handball” from top menu.
  • After that you have to select your MyTeam11 team. In this,
    • 1 Goal Keeper
    • 2-4 Defender
    • 2-4 Forward
  • For this, you will get 100 points, to select any 7 players.
  • You can pick maximum 5 players from one team.

How To Play Fantasy Baseball Leagues?

  • Select “Baseball” from the sports menu.
  • After that you have to select your MyTeam11 team. In this,
    • 2-5 Outfilders
    • 2-5 Infielderrs
    • 1 Pitcher
    • 1 Catcher
  • For this you are given 100 points, to select any 9 players.
  • Maximum 6 players can be picked from one team.

How To Earn Money From MyTeam11?

If you have good skills in sports then you can easily play in Myteam 11 and win bucks by using your cricket knowledge. When you join the MyTeam11.You get a bonus of Rs 100 for playing Myteam11. 

If you want to play cricket on MyTeam11 and for example India and Australia match is going on then you have to select your best 11 players from both the teams and make 1 player as captain and one as vice-captain and join the league

. In which you will have to pay Rs 20 or Rs 30 from the bonus you have got. And by playing well you can earn money from this app.

Is MyTeam11 is legal or not?

There must be a question in your mind whether MyTeam11 is legal or not?  There are 2 types of games, one that completely depends on luck, such games come in betting gambling that are illegal in India, while there are other types of games, they have skills with luck. In Myteam11, along with luck, your skill also works and you have to predict it, you choose the players from your mind and make a team here. so MyTeam11 is legal in India.

MyTeam11 Deposit Offers

Check the In-app offers to check the latest deposit offers

  • 100% Cash bonus: Add any amount and you will get 100% bonus cash up to ₹200. No promo code required. 
  • 50%: On 2nd Deposit get 50% cash bonus up to ₹500. 
  • 25% Bonus: Deposit money for the 3rd time and get 25% bonus up to ₹1000.
  • PhonePe – Add Min ₹15 & Get Up to ₹500 Cashback
  • Mobikwik – Add Min ₹20 & Get Up to ₹30

MyTeam11 Points Systems (Cricket)

  • The captain of your team will be given points as 2x.
  • The points will be given 1.5x to the vice-captain of your team.

Batting Points System-

Type of pointsT20ODITESTT10/3TC
Playing 11+2+2+2+2/0
Boundary Bonus+0.5+0.5+0.5+1
Six Bonus+1+1+1+2
30 Run BonusNANANA+8
Half-century Bonus+4+2+2+16
Century Bonus+8+4+4NA

Bowling Points System-

Type of pointsT20ODITESTT10/3TC
Wicket (Excluding Run Out)+20+22+15+20
2 wickets haul BonusNANANA+8
3 wickets haul Bonus+2+2+2+16
4 wickets haul Bonus+4+4+4NA
5 wickets haul Bonus+8+8+8NA
Maiden over+4+2NA+10

Fielding Points System-

Type of pointsT20ODITESTT10/3TC
Run-out (Direct)+8+8+8+8

Type of contest in MyTeam11

Learn about the types of contest in MyTeam11 app, You can join whatever contest as per your convenience.

Public contest

Anyone can join the public contests leagues in MyTeam11 and win the contest.

Private Contest

The another type of contest is private contests available on. In private contest one can create their own contest as the private contest are the contests are generated by the user, so these contest are not visible to all other users.

Cash Contest

The cash contest is available on MyTeam11 are contests that requires the entry fee.

MyTeam11 App Daily Quiz Contest

There are so many interested quiz happens in this fantasy application. In which you can take part and earn money and exciting offers. 

  • There will be 10 number of questions. For each correct answer you will get 10 points.
  • Winners will be announced as a highest Number of right answers in the minimum time duration for the contest round.
  • If a player is complete their 10 questions and 2 users end up answering all 10 questions right, then it will come down to who took less seconds.

How to withdraw the winning amount from MyTeam11?

If you will win the match then you can get your winning amount to your bank account, but for that, you have to have a bank account and Pan Card.

To withdraw money from MyTeam11 wallet to your Bank Account, first, you have to verify your mobile number and email Id, and Pan Card. After verifying all the details, you can transfer your winning amount t your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

Minimum amount you can withdraw is 200Rs which is quite high as compared to other apps nowadys. This should be reduced to 100 or 150 Rs atleast.

Tips & Tricks to Win On MyTeam 11

  • Before selecting the players of the MyTeam11 team, see the performance of their previous match and then select your team.
  • Select the match you wish to join and join 1 or 2 day before by creating a dummy team.
  • Change your team after the toss, Set an alarm so that you do not miss.
  • Before selecting your team, keep an eye on every news related to that match. Somewhere you should not select such players, who are not in that match.
  • Before the match starts, it must be seen which player is in the team. If it is not, then you change it.
  • Do your research thoroughly before selecting the captain and vice-captain of your team, because this is what makes you the winner of the MyTeam11 game

MyTeam11 Customer Care Number

MyTeam11 is total safe to download and play. But if you are facing any kind of issue then you can contact customer service they are available 24*7 to help you. Here are the contact details.

Final Say

So what are you waiting for? let’s test up your skills. Download this mind-blowing cricket game application. And experience the breathtaking field of cricket with a fantasy team. If you like cricket big time, then it’s time to flourish your skills and passion through this application.  Share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for reading!

Key Features of MyTeam11

  • 24*7 Customer Care Support
  • Quick and Easy Withdrawals
  • Exciting Cashbacks Offers
  • Totally Secure and Legal Platform
  • Great User Interface
  • Impartiality Fair Play Policies  

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