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Using a single platform, you can communicate, collaborate, and manage your projects. Maybe you are working correctly on chats to clients emails and properly handles task management and file sharing but you know where everything is?

Nifty is a tool that keeps everything and everyone at one place. You’d like to consolidate everything into one neat bundle that works with your workflow and budget. This tool will keep track of tasks, deadlines, milestones, and more from one intuitive platform. Use real-time messaging to connect and collaborate with your team, which you can simply convert into tasks.

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Nifty Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Nifty Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Using Nifty, you can keep all your important data at one place using a single dashboard. To keep everyone on the same page, have a group conversation with your team. With a bird’s eye perspective of discussions, milestones, projects, and anything else significant, you can stay on top of your progress. You can also keep track of how long you’ve spent working on a project.

Each team member can fully personalize the dashboard. Customize it to fit your workflow and highlight insights so you don’t waste time looking for them. Customize the dashboard to keep all of the important information at the top of the screen and center.

To organise, coordinate, and prioritise work, use the kanban board to manage your own allocated tasks across projects. You can use feedback left on papers or files to generate tasks and subtasks, which you can then assign for quick action.

Custom automation also allows you to integrates if/then scenarios based on task creation, movement, or completion. You’ll also be able to use custom embeds to add third-party apps and data to tasks, docs, and even project views.

How It Nifty Lifetime Deal Work?

Nifty is a remote collaboration hub that lets you simplify your whole workflow by managing goals, projects and messages. Nifty designed a way that will keep everyone on the same page also it allows you to view all your work in one simple, interactive dashboard, from project files to deadlines.

You can keep track of work assignments, activities, and time logs across projects using Nifty’s clean interface and scalable layout. Strain tasks by due dates, task assignees, and milestones to check where you and your team stand with your project progress. It’s no longer necessary to guess who’s doing what!

To give real-time project reporting and status updates, you can automate your progress monitoring depending on job completion. You can access reports that measure your progress based on task completion through the Roadmap. It’s easy to unite with your team and clients using real-time messaging to exchanges ideas and get feedback.

For 1:1 discussion, create group chats or slide into a team member’s DMs, and use threads to arrange your conversations. You’ can also transform any message into a team assignment, putting every conversation into action. Nifty also connects with Zoom, allowing team interactions to be seamlessly escalated to an audio or video meeting.


Upgrade your project management system with Nifty. Do collaboration, communication, and automation on one single platform. Take your project management to the next level.

Nifty Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($138) Tier 3 ($207)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
3 team membersteam members9 team members
100 GB storage space200 GB storage space500 GB storage space

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