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You might as well be the last to learn that your website is down if you’re not the first.You just don’t have the time to keep track of each and every change made to your website, app, or APIs, no matter how careful you are.

If only there was a technology that would allow you to monitor your online assets with real-time alerts and keep users informed with re-usable status pages. When downtime happens, keep track of your websites, applications, APIs, and more via email, SMS, or call alerts.

To increase transparency and disclose the state of your website, create public and private status pages for your online business.

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OneUptime Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What OneUptime Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Create real-time status pages that are tailored to your identity. The best part is that OneUptime can automatically identify downtime situations and notify your team to address urgent problems as soon as possible.

Create levels for data breaches or complete outages to customise event severity so your team knows what to prioritise.

You can also make updates to your status page during platform maintenance to inform your staff and clients. Everything you require to work together and handle situations as they arise is provided by OneUptime.

Want to maximise the availability of your team? To alert the appropriate parties depending on the severity of the problem, schedule on-call shifts and establish escalation guidelines. Alerts can be sent to team members via a variety of methods, including emails, push notifications, phone calls, and SMS messaging. Likewise for quick fixes, you can connect OneUptime with over 5,000 apps and create workflows for problems.

How It OneUptime Lifetime Deal Work?

With the open-source observability platform OneUptime, you can track the performance of your website and notify users with status pages that are easily customised. You can track the status of your website, app, APIs, and other services in real-time with OneUptime, so you can be aware as soon as a platform goes offline.

Create a monitor, specify the criteria, such as the filter requirements and monitoring interval, and you may get started very quickly. Even better, with a few clicks, you can create private or public resources for your websites and grant the appropriate team members access. Keep an eye on all of your online assets, including websites, apps, APIs, and IP addresses.

OneUptime makes it simple to build unique status pages and to edit the HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to match the branding of your website. In order to prevent annoyance to your clients and stakeholders, you can let them know when there will be downtime or maintenance.

Additionally, you will not have to break the money to onboard your complete company because our platform does not charge per subscription or status page user!


5000+ products and services can be integrated using the workflow builder.

It shouldn’t feel like you’re fighting a horde of zombies while trying to figure out how to handle downtime.Fortunately, OneUptime enables you to create status pages, identify downtime, and alert the appropriate stakeholders so you can quickly remedy situations.

Maintain your website.

OneUptime Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($39)Tier 2 ($99)Tier 3 ($199)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
seat(s)seat(s)10 seat(s)
100 total active monitors250 total active monitors500 total active monitors

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