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Purchasing a feature-rich CRM for solopreneurs is akin to subscribing to cable TV in order to view The Office repeats. Building relationships with customers and keeping track of your interactions over time is already a daunting task; employing a complex CRM is only the top of the iceberg.

If only taking notes from customers and expanding company relationships could be as simple and painless as using a relationship-centric CRM.

With a single click, combine all of your LinkedIn contacts with your Google and Outlook calendars. Remind yourself to follow up with consumers depending on your most recent exchange.

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Parma Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Parma Lifetime Deal Can Do?

You may create client profiles with images, notes, and contact details with only a few clicks. You can also organize your contacts more effectively with Parma by creating groups for them. Leads, past customers, present customers, and more can all be grouped together.

This digital notepad, in contrast to intricate CRMs, makes it simple to track business contacts by allowing you to simply add pertinent information from your encounters.

Have a meeting over lunch or a brief call? After each touchpoint, you can add notes to the person’s profile with a single click.

It will be easy to grant anyone on your team access to the notes because they are all dated and put to the profile. After every touchpoint, add remarks to a profile to further develop your relationship. The best part is that Parma’s dashboard allows you to view a feed of every touch point you have added over time.

To ensure that no one falls between the cracks, you can even set up automatic reminders to contact or follow up with a customer after a noteworthy amount of time.

Simply choose the date, write a brief comment explaining what the reminder is for, and you will receive an alert when the appropriate time arrives.

How It Parma Lifetime Deal Work?

Parma is a relationship-focused CRM that works with you to strengthen and cultivate your company relationships in order to help you accelerate growth.

Organize business connections and have access to crucial information at your fingertips by centralizing all of your contacts in one location.

Parma allows you to add contacts from Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and LinkedIn Calendar with only one click. You do not need to worry about duplicating contacts because this platform will recognize and suggest that you add any people who are not on Parma immediately.

Organize all of your business connections from Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and other sources. It is simple to create a profile—just click the button! Adding notes and a profile photo makes it simple to keep track of who is who.

Lack a picture of the individual? Without leaving Parma, look for images online and upload them straight to the person’s profile. Furthermore, you will be able to add each contact’s email address, messenger account, and Instagram handle so you will always know how to get in touch with them.

At Last

Remind yourself to get in touch with clients you have not heard from in a long time.

Building business partnerships is difficult when you are having trouble with a complex CRM. You are in luck since Parma makes it simple to keep track of and arrange all of your contacts and notes, as well as to create easy-to-use reminders to follow up with partners and clients.

Put money into your connections.

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