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Simplify customer success management, and locate expansion chances with Partenero. In addition to time being wasted manually managing all of your customer data, KPIs, and actions across various spreadsheets, details are sliding through the gaps.

To drive consumers through your funnel, you need a customer success management platform that makes it simple to view customers’ histories, follow their journeys, and build action plans for them. View each customer’s history of interactions, tasks, surveys, and action plans, and keep track of their wellbeing.

Based on your client journeys, set up action plans and standardise the execution of repetitive tasks. Partenero is a solution for customer success that enables you to execute playbooks, establish action plans, and track the health of your customers.

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Partenero Lifetime Deal  Appsumo

What Partenero Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Drag and drop customers as they advance through each phase to see the whole customer journey at a glance. Say goodbye to performing manual activities repeatedly. You can use Partenero to automate the procedure by making a playbook template for various monotonous chores.

You can create solo tasks that must be fulfilled for a particular customer or add activities that are tied to success strategies and playbooks. That implies you’ll be able to make business management more practical and clearly identify the objectives for each client without exerting too much effort.

The best part is that Partenero lets you design bespoke surveys, net promoter score (NPS), customer satisfaction score (CSAT), and other types of surveys as well as manage responses. You can even tailor the email you use to distribute your survey and follow up with a special thank-you note to recipients to increase response rates.

You’ll receive a survey report with vital metrics and insights to assist you in making knowledgeable business decisions as soon as your survey responses begin to trickle in.

How It Partenero Lifetime Deal Work?

In order to manage all of your clients from a single platform, Partenero provides you with a 360-degree picture of each customer’s history. Simply enter your contacts manually or import customer information from a spreadsheet or CRM to get going.

Without navigating between tools or browser tabs, view the touchpoints, tasks, surveys, and action plans for each customer. Using health scores, you can keep track of your clients’ wellbeing and learn how each score is determined.

Partenero enables you to lay out your customer journey and track client progress because customers have varied needs at various times in the customer journey. To design a trip that corresponds with your internal procedures, either start from scratch when creating the stages of your journey or use an existing template.

You can use a simple drag-and-drop to advance the customer along the path while viewing the whole customer journey in list or Kanban modes.


Thanks to Partenero, you can manage all of your client information in one location and develop action plans to assist users in moving along the customer journey.

Bring in additional clients. Using Partenero advanced feature.

Partenero Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($139)Tier 3 ($299)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
10 users (one user can sync one email account)25 users (one user can sync one email account)Unlimited users (one user can sync one email account)
1,000 customers/clients2,000 customers/clients5,000 customers/clients

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