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Get Better Real-time communication improvement with an AI voice coach. The key to success is improving your communication skills, but it is unrealistic to request feedback after each presentation, interview, and phone call.

Poised is an AI-powered speech coach who could assist you in speaking clearly and with assurance. During virtual meetings, receive immediate feedback on your speaking, as well as a summary of every interaction with in-depth observations.

Track your development as you hone your communication skills, and have access to tailored educational materials from prominent speech specialists. Poised is a speech coach driven by AI that provides both immediate and after-the-fact feedback on your online meetings.

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 Poised Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Poised Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Real-time speech correction is possible with the use of customized alerts that you can only see. Poised detects crucial times for you to reflect on and offers visual insights so you can put an end to uncomfortable encounters.

Analyze speech patterns, make adjustments, and monitor your performance improvement over time. You’ll even be able to compare yourself to other industry experts so you can always be one step ahead of the competition.

Follow your progress to quickly enhance your communication skills. In order to improve your communication abilities, you will be able to learn from top speech coaches and specialists and receive further assistance.

Receive individualized lesson plans from experts who have been approved by Poised and access selected instructional resources. You can hone your talents in Poised in addition to the plethora of videos, articles, and workouts available online.

How It Poised Lifetime Deal Work?

Receive a summary of every meeting along with a Poised score out of 100 so you can quickly assess your performance. On the meeting details page, you may see specific comments on your speech, including its rambling, filler words, intensity, and eye contact.

You’ll be able to listen back to and watch recordings of your meetings to analyses more subtle communication cues like non-inclusive language and facial expressions. After every meeting, get speech insights so you can know how to enhance your performance.

You will receive live feedback in addition to meeting summaries to assist you in maintaining your communication objectives. Create individualised warnings for things like filler words and rambling to help you course-correct your speech in the moment.

Additionally, Poised effortlessly interacts with all of your preferred meeting applications, including Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. The best part is that you may use this application invisibly in the background throughout talks without anyone noticing.


Gain access to educational materials written by speech professionals to improve your speaking abilities. With Poised, you can quickly improve your communication skills because you receive real-time, AI-powered feedback and professional insights on your speech.

Speak confidently with Poised. 

Poised Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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