($59) Reportei Lifetime Deal AppSumo: Create Digital Marketing Dashboards

Tracking your marketing performance and reporting on it is just as important if not more than having a brilliant strategy and execution. After all, how do you improve your activities and show ROI if you’re not tracking the performance of the marketing campaign.

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Reportei Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What is Report.ei ?

If you’re doing marketing or FB ads, Google ads will be that of any kind, you’ll definitely have to take the tools which collect data from social media and online tools in order to provide the marketing analytics and lets you create reports in minutes, Reportei is such a tool

This tool offers endless options for data visualisation, choosing to track out data of campaigns or viewing individual marketing channels at a high level.

Reportei Lifetime Deal (Features)

So Reportei is a marketing analytics software for organising a marketing analytics and social media reporting tool that helps digital marketing agencies and businesses save time by enabling them to create visually aesthetic and easy to understand reports to present their data to present the analytics for clients and internally.

How Reportei Tool works?

It is easy to understand and generate the reports and offer the marketing insights across multiple marketing channels, whether it is your own channels and or your client channels. Reportei is just the right, versatile tool that can be as simple or advanced as you want

It seamlessly integrates the data from all your favourite social marketing channels like AdWords, Facebook, Google Analytics, SEO, etc. and makes it deeply available. So that you can easily automate all your digital marketing reports and send it to your clients. 

It allows you to collect data from Multiple different marketing strategies, from social media to SEO PPC, or way more campaigns, It helps you to track all of your marketing efforts.

With the Reportei you can create a monthly report and send your clients so that they can see how many sales they got how much traffic, how well your campaigns perform. You can rely on reports to analyse your data and come up with a new plan for your business or for your clients.

If you’re looking for a tool that is easy to understand, that’s made to be simple and have all the data you need then you can go for Reportei. It is the best tool to generate custom reports that include metrics from different platforms, all organised in visualise and beautifully in one place.

Final Words: Hope you have got all the details of Reportei, If you have any doubt you can ask us in the comment box.

Reportei Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59)Tier 2 ($119) Tier 3 ($179)
10 projects (clients) 25 projects (clients)50 projects (clients)
10 dashboards25 dashboards 50 dashboards
5 team membersUnlimited team members Unlimited team members

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