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It should not take hours upon hours to edit away every um, ah, and mistake in your podcast, but it does. With Resound, podcast creators may regain their time by automating podcast editing.

Resound was created to empower rather than to replace Culpable and fifteen other #1 podcasts by the same team of skilled audio engineers.

Resound analyses your audio using machine learning models to look for patterns. Reclaim your time by using AI to automate the post-production process.

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Resound Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Resound Lifetime Deal Can Do?

With Resound, content editing is a breeze. You may make your own adjustments by dragging and right-clicking. Audio can be edited to remove bloopers, tedious parts, and guest-requested modifications as needed.

Use Enhance to mix and master audio with only one click. Eliminate ambient sounds, modify the intensity, balance, and polish your audio to meet the requirements of digital streaming.

Export files in the formats you prefer. Export as MP3 for online distribution, WAV for optimal quality, or AAF for Logic or Pro Tools editing. You can export individual tracks or a combined master track for multitrack projects.

Quit up manually editing your podcast for hundreds of hours at a time.

How It Resound Lifetime Deal Work?

We meticulously edited thousands of podcasts by hand, hour after hour, between 2017 and 2019. It caused pain. The most detrimental aspect? An experienced audio engineer can edit a podcast that lasts one hour in three hours on average. It can take much longer if you do not have as much experience.

We finally said enough was enough in 2019. At our first company, we launched an internal project to employ AI to automate podcast editing. mIn 2023, Resound is releasing this AI-powered audio editor to the public, enabling anyone to utilize it.

Let us now explore every possible use for Resound. You can quickly cut off any unneeded audio clips.

Utilize machine-learning models that have been particularly trained for podcast editing to automatically identify filler noises, such as ums and ahs.

You make decisions; Resound provides recommendations. Examine each edit individually or select all edits with a single click.

Automatically identify drawn-out periods of silence. Adjust the tempo of your programme to maintain audience interest and eliminate unnecessarily lengthy audio breaks.

Resound Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($49)Tier 2 ($98)Tier 3 ($147)
4 hrs of AI processed audio per month10 hrs of AI processed audio per month30 hrs of AI processed audio per month
Enhance (AI Mix and Master)Enhance (AI Mix and Master)Enhance (AI Mix and Master)
14 day project storage30 day project storage60 day project storage

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