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Quickly conduct remote interviews and create podcasts with Rumble Studio. Even when you have a fantastic podcast idea, more is needed than you would think to make it a reality. It’s simple to spend more time developing your content than distributing it to listeners when you factor in everything from scheduling guests to prepping for interviews to recording audio and editing.

Rumble Studio allows you to expand your podcast while lowering the cost by crowdsourcing audio content. Interview one or more people using customized interview landing pages that you can embed or link too.

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Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Invite visitors to interviews by sending them a link, a QR code, or by embedding the content on your website. The best part is that on your dashboard, responses are arranged and labelled so you can examine, download, or combine chunks from many interviews.

You may arrange audio clips, record or upload your intro and commentary, and even add jingles or advertisements to your podcasts using the built-in mixing tool in Rumble Studio. Automatic post-processing, such as noise reduction, silence removal, and auto-leveling, can also improve your audio.

From there, you can export high-quality audio in industry-compliant WAV and MP3 formats. From your dashboard, you can quickly examine, download, or combine segments from various interviews.

White-labeling tools are abundant in Rumble Studio, making it simple to design a branded experience for your visitors and clients. In order to give your podcast a professional feel, you can remove the Rumble Studio logo from the landing page for the guest interview.

Make branding kits with unique logos, color palettes, typefaces, and layouts that are used consistently throughout the messaging for your brand. Create your own logos, typefaces, color schemes, and layouts to personalize the user experience.

How It Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal Work?

Well with use of Rumble Studio, you can quickly create material and conduct remote interviews. Rumble Studio makes it simple to plan and record interviews asynchronously, whether you’re doing a podcast, conducting job interviews, or gathering testimonials.

Without using any code, you can create an interview landing page to pose questions and gather answers in several formats. Use one of the interview templates provided by the programme to get started, or submit your own unique questions as text or audio.

Your interview link enables your guests to respond to questions by recording or uploading audio, selecting the correct option from a list of options, or by sending in text, photos, or videos. Arrange asynchronous interviews and collect feedback in the form of audio, text, and video.

You have a choice of sharing options with Rumble Studio, so you can do one-on-one or group interviews with ease. Send out invitation links via social media or email, or even embed interviews on your website to allow participants respond when it’s convenient for them.

Unlimited audio clips can be automatically recorded and transcribed by your guests, making it simple to review every input later. Additionally, you may engage on team member interviews and review your work with stakeholders owing to advanced group permissions.


You can collect up, record, and edit audio content with Rumble Studio, which will help you increase interaction and grow your audience one episode at a time.

You only need one tool to launch your podcast.

Rumble Studio Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

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10 exportable hours per month50 exportable hours per month150 exportable hours per month

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