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Sending holiday cards to friends and family is a cosy pastime; however, personally emailing every potential customer is not. The majority of your prospects will inevitably ghost you, even if you spend hours every day on your LinkedIn outboxes.

What if you could easily increase leads and conversions by using a solution that assisted you in automating and personalising your outreach? Manage several outreach efforts on LinkedIn to increase lead generation and conversions.

Use AI to personalise messages, automate bespoke message sequences, and get around LinkedIn’s message limits. Using SalesRobot, an automation solution, you may start several LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

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SalesRobot Lifetime Deal Appsumo

What SalesRobot Lifetime Deal Can Do?

Make your outreach more automated by crafting customised messaging sequences. With SalesRobot, you can monitor the health of your accounts, custom tags, and subscription statuses across several LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard.

Additionally, this platform utilises data to create connection requests that give your leads the impression that they are speaking with a live person rather than a machine. This implies that you can maximise the value of your LinkedIn relationships by using AI to create incredibly customised connection request messages.

You may now concentrate more on the overall effectiveness of your lead generation activities and less on pitching specific individuals. Easily manage numerous LinkedIn accounts and quickly view their current status.

SalesRobot lets you maximise campaign performance in addition to streamlining your outreach procedure. Over time, you will receive reports on the effectiveness of your campaign, including response rates and prospect statuses. In order to create an accurate list, you can also locate the email addresses of your prospects and perform automations.

How It SalesRobot Lifetime Deal Work?

You can maximise lead creation by launching multiple cold outreach campaigns across LinkedIn with SalesRobot. You can select from a collection of pre-made templates that can be completely altered to meet the specific objectives of your campaign.

You can monitor prospects and campaigns from a single dashboard once they debut, giving you constant visibility into the state of affairs. Utilise a single dashboard to monitor and manage several cold outreach activities.

SalesRobot makes it simple to generate message sequences from a collection of high-converting templates to automate your marketing. Send more than 200 messages to LinkedIn groups and event participants per day, as well as 20 connection requests, by avoiding LinkedIn’s networking restrictions.

Additionally, you may schedule and progressively increase the frequency of your messages to avoid being flagged and maintain a more human feel to your automated communications.

At Last

Over time, gather campaign information to maximise their effectiveness.

If you create the same cold open by hand for every prospect, it can feel like you’re stuck in an incredibly boring cycle.SalesRobot improves your sales funnel by generating quality leads on LinkedIn with automated personalised outreach efforts.

Improve the way you interact.

SalesRobot Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($69) Tier 2 ($139) Tier 3 ($199)
All features above includedAll features above includedAll features above included
seat(s)seat(s)10 seat(s)
25 AI credits per month50 AI credits per month100 AI credits per month

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