($59) Searchanise Lifetime Deal AppSumo

Assist your customer by helping to find out the product they want using a complete search and filter solution. Maybe you have awesome products but your products can able to reach the customer’s visibility. 

If you have completely done labeling every product and organizing them, still visitors need better navigation on your website to easily find out the product they want. Searchanise is one of the powerful search and filter solutions that deliver better results on what you are finding.

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  • Wait for some seconds, An Discount popup will appear.
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Searchanise Lifetime Deal Appsumo

How Searchanise Lifetime Deal Works?

It helps customers to find out the right product quickly. It’s time to say goodbye to search engines that have limited features or slow loading speed. Upgrade your browser with Searchanise that can remember popular search queries and your customer’s search history.

It automatically uses the data to provide you with better results on what you are exactly looking for. Use the search dropdown feature to get a product preview and learn the label, in-stock status, or other relevant details.

Its automated filters allow you to sort products by price, vendor, color, size, and product rating so visitors can easily navigate the products. You can also have customized the design or color scheme of the widget so it lines up with your online store’s brand.

What Searchanise Can do?

If you are running an online fashion store, then you can also add a colors filter there for picky customers to products with the right color they are searching for. And the best thing is that if your store has 300,000 pieces of merchandise, Searchanise can pick out relevant products in less than one second.

It also adds product recommendation blocks like “Featured Products” and “You Might Also Like” to attract customers by offering some products. You can customize every single block so you can change the title or use custom CSS to make it match your online store’s theme.

If you want to foster some specific brand, you can apply ranking rules to show them on top of relevant search results. You can also add tags-based labels like New, Sale, or Promote to tell customers about new products or latest deals. 

How Does Searchanise Optimization Work?

Searchanise can easily optimize in mobile devices as well. It comes with a built-in mobile feature for customers to shop with their phones easily. It can give you more sales recommendations by cross-selling related products.

You can also get a detailed report of clicks, purchases, product views, most-searched products, and even search requests with no results. It also generates user-specific results based on a user’s search history.


Don’t make your customers unsatisfied with unrelated products. Improve your search filter by show the right product to your customers. You can improve your sales rate by providing the right product they are looking for then upsell and cross-sell products to drive more sales. Help your customer by adding value to your online store. 

Searchanise Lifetime Deal (Pricing)

Tier 1 ($59) Tier 2 ($118) Tier 3($177)
All features above included All features above included All features above included
All-Pro Plan FeaturesAll-Pro Plan FeaturesAll-Pro Plan Features
5,000 total products25,000 total products50,000 total products

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