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SendNow is a specialized tool that aims to streamline and improve the effectiveness of cold email outreach campaigns.

It offers a suite of features designed to enhance email deliverability and automate various aspects of the cold email process.

These capabilities are geared towards helping users engage with potential clients or prospects via email, particularly when the recipients may not have had prior interactions with the sender.

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SendNow Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Key features of SendNow include:

Unified Inbox: SendNow provides a unified inbox that allows you to conveniently view all your emails from different connected accounts in one place.This unified view streamlines your email management, making it easier to oversee and coordinate campaigns across multiple email addresses without the hassle of switching between accounts.

Email Automation: SendNow empowers you to automate email sequences. This means you can set up cold outreach campaigns and lead nurturing processes to run on autopilot. By automating these sequences, you save time and effort while maintaining consistent and personalized communication with your leads and prospects.

Scalability: SendNow’s multi-email support enables you to scale your email outreach campaigns without the fear of hitting sending limits.

This scalability is particularly advantageous when you’re looking to expand your outreach efforts and reach a larger audience.

Stand Out in Inboxes: With the ability to spread your email sending volume across multiple inboxes, you enhance your chances of standing out in the crowded email environment.

This not only improves deliverability but also helps your emails avoid being buried in recipients’ inboxes.

What SendNow Lifetime Deal Can Do?

SendNow is a robust cold email outreach tool that caters to businesses and professionals looking to engage with potential clients and leads via email.

This tool is designed to improve the deliverability of cold emails and automate various aspects of the outreach process, making it a valuable asset for those looking to expand their network or promote their products and services.

SendNow offers a unique solution for your email outreach needs. With the ability to connect up to 100 different email addresses, SendNow helps you distribute your email sending volume across multiple inboxes, which can significantly enhance your email deliverability.

This approach reduces the risk of triggering spam filters and improves the chances of your emails reaching

How It SendNow Lifetime Deal Work?

SendNow offers robust contact management capabilities, ensuring that you can efficiently store and track your contacts without limitations.

This feature is designed to help you maintain a comprehensive record of your interactions with each contact, making it easy to nurture and manage your relationships effectively.

Key Aspects of SendNow’s Contact Management and Analytics Features Include:

Unlimited Contact Storage: With SendNow, you have the ability to store an unlimited number of contacts, along with their complete historical data. This means you won’t need to delete or lose track of any contact, regardless of the size of your contact list.

Contacts Dashboard: The contacts dashboard provides you with a convenient overview of your contacts’ engagement history. You can quickly see which campaigns each contact has been a part of and how they’ve interacted with your emails. This information is invaluable for tailoring your communication to individual contacts.

Advanced Filtering: SendNow allows you to filter your contacts based on various criteria, including verification status, the number of emails sent, replies received, unsubscribes, and custom tags. This makes it easy to segment your contact list for targeted outreach efforts.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is a powerful tool for optimizing your email campaigns. SendNow enables you to run A/B tests on your emails to gauge what resonates best with your audience. This feature helps you fine-tune your messaging for improved engagement and results.

Deliverability Tracking: Monitoring the deliverability of your emails is crucial for assessing the effectiveness of your campaigns. SendNow provides tracking tools that allow you to keep a close eye on how well your emails are performing, ensuring that you can make data-driven adjustments as needed.

By offering unlimited contact storage, a comprehensive contacts dashboard, and advanced filtering options, SendNow simplifies the management of your email outreach efforts. You can maintain detailed records of each contact’s engagement and customize your messaging accordingly.

Combined with A/B testing and deliverability tracking, SendNow equips you with the tools needed to optimize your email campaigns and effectively engage with your audience.


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